Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My Quotes Obsession!!

Hey Everyone! How are you all? :)

So, you may or may not know this but.. I'm a teeny bit obsessed with quotes. When I say obsessed, I mean they're all over my room. As I'm exhausted from my summer job, I won't be posting about that, so I'll tell you about my quotes obsession!

I'm genuinely not sure when the quotes obsession originated, but I'm sure it was when I was around ten or eleven. I became absolutely infatuated with quotes and lyrics when I was around fourteen, when I started on Twitter and Tumblr, so I became more aware of amazing quotes on the internet and in particular, Mark Twain quotes. Something about his quotes (Also in particular those of Albert Einstein) just really appealed to me.

I have a theory that the quotes you relate to most, in a way, relate to your life and mind perhaps. It's only a theory. For example, I relate most to quotes about the future, life and happiness, but in particular, the future. I have a fear that I will never live up to expectations, and being honest, this is quite daunting at times. That fear that you will never live up to the greatness of others. It weighs me down but I've learnt that I have to think positively, it's the only way I'll avoid letting everything burden me to extremities. For a while, I craved happiness, I'm not sure why, but I felt unhappy and I turned to reading quotes to find the ''solution'' to happiness. I found 'happiness' through a quote by Albert Einstein;

If you want to be happy, tie it to a goal, not people or objects. 

I found this quote to be so true, so that's what I like to do now, tie happiness in goals. I already tried tying happiness in people and objects, to be honest it didn't quite work out. So I listened/read the quote by Einstein and the penny dropped for me. Since I discovered the quote I have been so much happier. Another one I try live by is ''Life begins at the end of your comfort zone'' I try live by this one so much that I even set a photo of the quote as my background on my Twitter, so I can always be reminded that, life begins at the end of your comfort zone. I quite like some quotes from Dan Howell too, in particular this one:

''You are an independent mind in this universe than can do everything and anything you have ever dreamed of!''

That quote always manages to make me smile. Perhaps it's the contribution of the quote being said by one of my favourite people ever and how truthful it is. I wrote the quote out and stuck it in front of my desk, in a mish-mash of other quotes that appeal to me. I was bored last week and looked through all the quotes I had saved and wrote out my favourites in different coloured markers.

My family raised a few eyebrows at first but they say reading some of the quotes are quite nice if they happen to walk into my room to drop something in (usually a pair of Converse or my badminton stuff, I'm always leaving them somewhere in the house!)

I'm going to post a few photos of the quotes I have on my walls, maybe someday I'll do a room tour! (Maybe not, you could blink and miss the entire tour)

Playlist for this blog!
The Coronas ~ Listen Dear
One Republic ~ Secrets
Elbow ~ One Day Like This
Kings of Leon ~ Use Somebody
The ''collage'' right in front of my desk, it's for the motivation you know.. 
(Dan's quote is on the left hand side, you can see a photo of him beside it)

Some more quotes near my desk

This one is right beside my bed, so it's the first thing I see when I wake up.

A quote I simply adore, it's from Mark Twain and it used to be my header on this very blog! 

This is on my 'pinkboard' I was given as a child, I mainly use it to write quotes or countdown's to events but now for quotes

A lesson I learned multiple times! It's so true. 

My white/cork board! All the little sheets are individual quotes and I stuck an Albert Einstein quote on the whiteboard as his quotes are among my favourites.

One of the quotes I try to live by; ''No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. ~ Taylor Swift. I have some more of her quotes stuck around my room and even in my diary.. Maybe I shouldn't have said that..!

*I was going to upload a little video clip but it wouldn't upload! I'll try later and if it works I'll update!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless
Aveen xx

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Update! My Job & Summer!!

Hey Everyone! ANOTHER update on The Life Of Me! Aren't you all lucky? ;)

So, some of you may or may not know but, I'm starting my summer job tomorrow! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time, it's a huge mixture of feels in my stomach, I'm delighted that I've been given the wonderful opportunity to be employed for the summer, however at the same time I'm absolutely terrified that I'll mess up and be fired or something. (Yes, I'm worrying that much, woo)

So what does that mean to my blog? Well, it means a lot to my life and then, the blog. I'm a Life Blogger, I write updates on my life, and it's actually read by people! So this is a huge new part of my life, my first ever job, so obviously it's going to a huge part of my life until late August/early September. Don't worry, I'm not ending this blog, this star won't go out. I'm just letting you know in advance that I might be blogging a little bit less.

I still don't know my hours or days for the summer, but judging by my age it won't be full time or anything, it might be around school time hours, so basically I'll be paid to go to school, if you look at it that way. Except it won't be like school! On Saturday (yesterday) just after I updated with my Summer post, the company phoned me, giving me the shock of my life obviously, telling me that I was starting Monday. I was so excited. But I nearly burnt my hand with my hair straightener as I was straightening my hair when I got the call.

So that was just a little update on what's going to be happening here for the next little while. I'm not really allowed to blog about the company for obvious reasons, I'm not going to name the place either, and yes, these are my own views. (Had to clear all that up sorry)

* Another note, you're probably wondering why my previous post was so short, I just stayed at home on Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. I watched Sherlock too (Johnlock 5eva as they say) and became absorbed in feels. I did some things during the week so I may post them up sometime. (ALERT PROCRASTINATOR ALERT)

Playlist for this update:
The Script ~ Science And Faith
The Coronas ~ Listen Dear
The Coronas ~ Grace Don't Wait!

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Yeah, I'm just afraid I'll do something like this on my first day.. 

Or this.. 

Saturday, 25 May 2013

What's that? Is it... SUMMER?!

Hello Everyone! Another extremely quick week of the life of me! Maybe I'll tell you about it! ;)

So on Monday, we had our last official day of Transition Year. It was quite a shock to the system to be honest, the LAST day. We would never be TY's ever again. Fifth year loomed in the back of all our minds. I spent most of my last day in the school gym, practising for the awards night, as I was *gulp* hosting. So I spent the day writing my lines on flashcards and rehearsing. 

Shortly afterwards 7 pm arrived so I went back to school with my parents for the awards which started at 7.30. When I spoke into the mic I put on my ''telephone voice'' where you speak in a polished and polite manner. Overall it went really well and I was delighted. I even won four awards! My Folder of Achievement, which is full of certificates but I'm not counting it. An award for dedication to history, contribution to the yearbook, YSI participation and a ribbon for my scrapbook. (May tell you all the funny back story to the scrapbook one day) 

Then it came to time for The Ham to announce the Spirit of TY. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, who would it be? The Ham announced the names, John Redmond and Devon Vickers! I have never been so happy for two people to win such prestigious awards. They truly deserved it, they ARE Spirit's of TY. Congratulations John and Dev, I'm delighted for you both! :D

Most of TY arrived back into the school on Tuesday morning to clean up the Gym for other award ceremonies. I arrived around 8.20 and we were finished by around 9.30. Caítlín, Maeve, Áine and I all stood at the doors of the school, we had been told once we left today, we would be Fifth Years. A scary thought. Afterwards we went to a local cafe and I had a simply delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows in a cute little glass. We stayed there for nearly two hours before returning to the school. 

It made me realise how much my life has changed in a year. This time last year I never imagined I would be hanging out with the people I am, which is simply surreal when I thought about it, For that, I am glad I took out the year to do Transition Year. I know it was extra year I didn't have to do, but it was a lot better for me doing the year I think.

 I really came out of myself this year, I realised I had potential, plans, dreams and ambitions. If I work hard, I will achieve them. Take it day by day. Think positive. I have a quote on my wall right in front of my desk which says ''She turned her cant's into cans and her dreams into plans'' I want that quote to be about me. I'm not even lying. This year has made me so determined to achieve. To be more positive and happier.

And also, yes, I am officially on my summer holidays! Woo!

The wood craft stand at the Awards Night. My sleigh is the red one in the centre, I'm so proud of it!

Caítlín and Maeve in Joanne's on Tuesday

Such posers! ;)

The quotes I have in front of my desk. Quotes include Taylor Swift, John Green, Danisnotonfire and Veronica Roth! (More are scattered all over my room!) 

Playlist for this post:
Ed Sheeran ~ This City
Megan and Liz~ Are You Happy Now?
The 1975 ~ Chocolate
Imagine Dragons ~ Demons
Ed Sheeran ~ Wonderwall (cover)
Fall Out Boy ~ Thanks For The Memories 
Fun ~ Carry On

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Another week of majestical adventures!!

Hey Everyone, another week of the Life of Me has come and gone. This week was also the last full week of Transition Year! (Holds back tears) Be strong everyone, be strong. We will get through this! :)

We have our Awards Night on Monday night in the school gym which has been decorated and looks brilliant. On Friday I was announced as one of the host's of the award's, something which delighted and both terrified me at the exact same time. There's a male host too, and we have to write our lines. So as you can imagine I'm half procrastinating and half writing them. Myself and the male host were Skyping and we have practically all of the lines written, we just have to add in some humour (Oh the horror!)

Just so you know, I do have a sense of humour, however, it's not humour sense of humour it's dirty minded humour. I have a feeling the school principal, who will be attending the awards night, won't accept/like any jokes I make. No pressure then Aveen, so we're trying to get off some classes for rehearsals and more fine-tuning.

So I'd like to update you all on my week this week. It wasn't the craziest week nor the most boring either. On Monday, I mainly worked on the Yearbook for TY. Tuesday I helped with some certificates which will be presented at the Awards Night, I had my Irish Speaking test and worked on the Yearbook for six more classes, it was great.

In our school for incoming First Year students we have a mentor/Meitheal leader programme where Fifth Year students are assigned to a First Year class and mentor them for their First Year. I applied because I felt I could help younger students and it would be good experience for when I will hopefully be a primary school teacher. I had my interview on Tuesday after school and it went really well! I was quite pleased with how it went for me.

On Wednesday I was still working on the Yearbook (Yes, I've never seen something take so long in my life!) but eventually finished the entire thing before last class. So as you can imagine with looking at the same computer screen for practically three days, I thought my eyes were going to bleed. The Ed Sheeran lyrics ''My eyes are red'' were quite true for me!

I had regular classes on Thursday, the teachers were brilliant, they let us do very little as it was our last week as Transition Years. It seems so weird typing that, *IDEA FOR ANOTHER BLOG POST WOOHOO*

so we had no homework or work to do in classes.

On Friday our Year Head came back in after a week of absence and organised the students in how to prepare for Monday. Ham (our nickname for her) then assigned people to speak on various topics and then told me I was the female host of the award's night! I was in shock for a few seconds, I was concerned I wouldn't be a speaker, let alone a host! So I spent most of Friday and Saturday working on lines and what not.

Saturday evening/night I went to my friend Áine's surprise 17th birthday party. I arrived at 7 as I was bringing the cake (ordered from the bakery I will be working in hint hint) In total there was 26 of us there. It was a great night and I really enjoyed it! I think everyone else and especially Áine did too. I got home at 11 o'clock and went straight asleep, I was exhausted!

So now it's nearly midday on Sunday, I know I'm late with my blog post, but only by around 24 hours! :)

Playlist for this post:

Cimorelli ~ Just Give Me a Reason (Cover)
The Coronas ~ Addicted To Progress
The Coronas ~ Won't Leave You Alone
MCR ~ The Black Parade (sobs, I hurt my feels listening to it)
Paramore ~ Still Into You
Imagine Dragons ~ Radioactive

So my favourite YouTubers are Dan (Danisnotonfire) and Phil (Amazing Phil) and they won  the Sony Golden Headphones award! I voted for them over 10 times so I was fangirling so much when they won!
Here's Dan with Cat in America this week, I may or may not ship them slightly! The cat jumpers are just so cute!

I was in the local supermarket and I saw that cucumbers were 69c. See what I mean about dirty-minded/immature sense of humour? 

Here's my friend Maeve with the wooden box she made in woodwork, it looks amazing! Well done :)

Here's the top of the box, yum! 

My little cousin Ornaith (pronounced like R-NAH) on my laptop, let's hope she doesn't become an addict like me..

A poor quality photo of Áine's cake. It was 12 inches by 12 inches (30 centimetres) with pink icing so it was huge. It was so heavy!

I hope you all have an amazing week, you all deserve it!
Wish me luck hosting!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless
Aveen xx

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Procrastinating in Computers yayayay!

So I'm in ECDL again, this time it's a free class as I've completed the course early. There's 9 minutes left of this class, I'll set myself a challenge and see how much I can type in that short space of time. Time plays such a huge part in my life. We judge everything by time, constantly restrained and ruled by it. No other species except humans is constrained in such a way by time. I guess it's the fear of time running out.

I possess that fear also, in particular I had that fear today. You know how they say a cat has 9 lives? Well my family believe I'm the same, I've had several near-death experiences, nearly 3 this year already. I had one today, I was crossing on the pedestrian crossing on my way into school this morning and an old man (not discriminating against him but you know) in a jeep came flying down the road, he saw me, he looked me in the eye and keep on going, just as I was about to cross.

I keep having these experiences on this crossing, people don't look and see if there's anyone on the crossing. A few months ago I was inches away from a car bumper on the same crossing. I feel as though time is running out for me. That there's only a certain amount of time left. Call me crazy but it's startling how often I'm having these near death experiences.

After reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, I keep thinking of the phrase ''This Star Wont Go Out'' the name of the charity the book is dedicated to. I'm going to buy one of their wristbands, to help fight cancer and to show how, this star wont go out. (Get it?) I don't want this star to go out, alas, I fear it will, and soon if I keep having near death experiences.

It's 9.38. Class ends at 9.40. Time is running out until history next class followed by double German. This Star Wont Go Out. Not just yet anyway.

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless
Aveen xx
I know I keep randomly updating, enjoy it while it lasts, especially seeing as I'm busy all day Saturday, the day I usually post! :O
This star won't go out.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

UPDATE! What is this? ANOTHER extra post?!

Hey Everyone,

 A little update on the Life Of Me. I want to thank all of you amazing people across the globe who have been reading my blog, I just reached over 1500, yes FIFTEEN HUNDRED views. Seeing that people from as far as Taiwan, Korea, America, UK, Spain, France and all over are reading the musings and random blog entries written by a girl from a small town girl in the South East of Ireland is truly extraordinary and so heart warming in dark moments and also in good ones. I'm so happy you all enjoy my blog, I love writing about what happens in my life, it's mildly therapeutic and it's good that I have an online record of my life, not just the diaries I write in which are easily lost. 

Yes, I did mention dark moments there. If you read my previous blog posts regarding my own mental health, don't worry, I'm actually the best I have been in a long time. That's a huge thing I learnt this past year in Transition Year. I let every little issue get me down, I didn't realise how much that would worry/depress me. It would cause me such un-necessary stress, worry and anxiety. I believe that's something I learnt this year. I was extremely naive, I still am, but no where near as much as I was. I still believe there is good in everyone, you just have to dig very deep for some people, but it's still there, somewhere.

I've relaxed so much too, not, so laid back I'm almost horizontal, relaxed, but, relaxed! I used to rush to all my classes as soon as the bell went, I wait for people now (hooray for social interaction!) and socialize on the way to classes, and, laugh. Yes, I said laugh. I'm smiling so much lately I can even see my one dimple (on my right cheek for stalkers) again for the first time in years. I don't know I feel rejuvenated and a lot happier in myself. 

I feel more in control of my path, future and life too, which is always a bonus I think! I have my 5th Year subjects picked, I'm actually happy with them. I applied to be a Meitheal Leader (mentor) to incoming first year students and I had my interview yesterday. (I'll post more about that in my weekly post!) TY is drawing to a close, and, despite my previous thoughts, I'm at the other side, happier, confident and I know exactly what I need to do to reach my dreams, goals and ambitions. That is what I believe I learnt this year. I learnt to become the real me, not the one I had been moulded into. 

So that's about it until I post my weekly update. That'll be around Friday or Saturday, maybe not Saturday I'm busy with rehearsals and an event in the evening. Might even be updated on Sunday, the horror! Just don't attack me like fangirls do when another fangirl doesn't update her fanfic, (trust me I've seen that happening, it's kind of frightening) 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Again, thank you all so much for reading my blog, you don't know how much it means to me! x

Playlist for this blog!
Kodaline ~ High Hopes
Imagine Dragons ~ Radioactive
Ed Sheeran ~ Give Me Love
Emeli Sandé ~ Read All About It
The Fray ~ How To Save A Life
Maroon 5 ~ She Will Be Loved

Random playlist I know, but still, I'm random. xx
Love this pic, it's of Winnie the Pooh and my favourite YouTuber, Dan Howell aka Danisnotonfire! 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ooh another random week! Excitement!!

Hey, Dia Dhuit, Ciao, Bonjour, Hallo etc! 

So, another week has passed. It's becoming scary how fast time is flying by these days. The scent of summer is truly here and only one full week left of Transition Year! (Sobs hysterically in the corner) Let's hope my hay fever doesn't act up on me.

So, the Life of Me. Well, last Saturday I went to Limerick (it's in Munster, a province in Ireland) with my parents to collect my older brother as he has finished his second year in the University there. (Go UL Wolves!) and, being honest, it's quite a drive to-and-fro. Even with new motor-ways and everything. So basically I just put my earphones in and listened to my travelling play list, Ed Sheeran, Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift etc. 

It was a good trip overall, especially because I went to Penney's (Primark for those in the UK) and got some new clothes, jeans, tops, cute cardigans, jumpers and some new hair accessories. I even bought a dress, me, of all people. I haven't worn a dress since my Communion, when I was eight. 

The weekend was good too, it was a bank/public holiday so I had no school Monday. Tuesday passed in a haze, Holistics was good, we meditated in the Oratory, it was so relaxing I even fell asleep! Not before I took a photo of some lads in an awkward pose (posted at the bottom!) 

On Wednesday, everyone in Young Social Innovator's attended the YSI Showcase, which is the final, excitement! Our YSI Guide (our TY coordinator, The Ham) wasn't in so another teacher accompanied us. There were a lot of games and activities to occupy nearly 4,000 students who attended from all over the country. 

In particular, we all enjoyed Zumba, it was so energetic and fun. The weather wasn't great on the day, so we didn't do the archery, something which I was completely devastated about seeing as I wanted to become Katniss Everdeen! No I'm just kidding. 

We left early and travelled back to the school, while we were in Dublin, my friend's phone was stolen, she still hasn't gotten it back, I won't go into details but yes, it put a dampener on things all right. 

On Thursday, I had normal classes, I've officially completed ECDL and I'm fully qualified. I also had a German test, and it actually wasn't bad, yes! Afterwards I had PD, and we learnt about melanoma, (I was casually cringing in the background, seeing as I was nearly diagnosed with the cancer a few weeks back, don't worry I don't have it thankfully)

After lunch, a teacher spoke to myself and a friend of mine, asking if we could do a favour. Being TY's we of course said yes, I mean we had Irish and Maths next, who wouldn't? So we had to go to the Oratory and put down masking tape in rectangle shapes on the floor. Our Irish teacher spotted us and gave us permission, we also had to pick two lads to help us, we had to move chairs too. The task took two whole classes. We finished ten minutes before the end of school so we dropped the teachers keys in the pastoral office, some lads in our year were sitting unsupervised there and were having an intense gossiping session so we left them to it! 

On Friday, we had our class tutor photos taken and we made 'Books 4 Babies' packs in the local library. We are also designing and compiling a TY Yearbook and I'm helping with it. The teacher in charge got me excused from double Japanese to help compile class tutor groups on file. Afterwards I ran into the teacher who also asked me to do stuff in the oratory, she needed another favour! I had to hand out forms for the hike happening at the end of TY. 

So myself and two others brought the forms around, and as we were doing that, the TY awards sheets were being handed out, they are joke awards like ''Best hair'' ''Best Tweeter'' ''Most photogenic'' ''Biggest Culchie'' etc so we had to vote for those too. Another category was 'Most Annoying Voice' (read over the previous blog for more!) to name but a few. 

I also have some brilliant news, I got a summer job! Yes, Aveen got a summer job. (I can't name the company for obvious reasons and yes these are my own views) So I'm delighted that I will be busy for the summer. 

Photo's of my week
A photo of utter confusion and boredom. 

My brother falling asleep on the way home from Limerick

Micheál and Kevin in Holistic's !

Maeve with our Project Smilier poster at the Showcase

Tired on the bus...

After packing for Books 4 Babies, we decided to mess with Áine's hair...

So that's about it for this week in The Life Of Me!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Playlist for this blog: 
The 1975 ~ Chocolate
Imagine Dragons ~ Radioactive
Imagine Dragons ~ It's Time
Imagine Dragons ~ Demons
Imagine Dragons ~ On Top Of The World
Imagine Dragons ~ Bleeding Out
Imagine Dragons ~ Round and Round

I think I'm developing a love of Imagine Dragons! x

My Accent. (Rant! Woo a rant hooray let's party)

So it's the end of another week of the Life of Me. There's something in particular I want to address.

First of all, you all know I'm Irish right? I suppose it's not difficult to notice. So, obviously, I have an Irish accent. Usually I'm quite fond of my accent, it's different. It's not as Dan Howell says ''Like a posh twat'' but it's not as though I've just come out of a bog either. However my accent is slightly different to the vast majority of accents in my year in school. Basically I sound ARTICULATE, (I have been watching too much Danisnotonfire, check him out seriously, he always makes me smile) and the majority of the students in my school sound either American or like they have just hopped off their tractor. (Which is extremely likely where I'm from)

But it's getting annoying how some of the less articulate sounding keep persevering in mocking my accent. It's petty and immature and more or less reflects their character, not my own. Just because you can't pronounce your words properly and I can doesn't mean you should automatically possess dislike, hate or even jealousy towards me.

I don't want to upload a video clip, but, what does my accent sound like, you ask? Well, it's a mixture of South East Ireland and Dublin 4, (D-4) so I can sound like a local and well educated at the same time, which is a little weird I will admit but in most social circles, it's thought to be a nice accent. They know I'm friendly and a local, born and bred in the sunny South East however I also know how to communicate in a good manner. 

I'm actually more determined to speak how I do. I will not cheapen my voice just because some airheads mock it. That seems to be my knee-jerk reaction to everything in life. In primary school I was criticised for reading books and sounding different, (oh yay re-occurrences are simply the best) what did I do? To be honest I actually read more books and listened to more Stephen Fry (I had Cd's of Harry Potter books which were read aloud by Stephen Fry, childhood memories!) So I sounded even more different and ''weird'' in their eyes. I guess I will do the same this time around. 

Just so you don't think this is a completely negative post (I'll be posting my weekly update today too don't worry, this is just an extra little rant, lucky you!) some people in my year have complimented my accent. One girl in particular said to me, ''Aveen, I really like your accent, you sound so different to everyone else, like posh but still down to earth'' Yes, I was actually told that, and it did brighten up my day. 

I think the main thing is perspective, some see a flower, some see a weed. Some people in my year hear D-4 and automatically believe I'm some sort of prat, some hear it and think that I just want to be educated and sound like I am. I don't know, I think the jury is out on this one, well the students are. 

* 13/05 We were discussing my accent in maths today, as you do, and one person blurts out that I sound posh, I'm sorry, but I'm not posh, I just know how to speak. Articulate is the word I would use to describe it. 

Thank you everyone for putting up with my rant, it was something that had been irking me for some time now (Basically since the start of the year)
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Stay true to you (not meaning to be cheesy)
Aveen xx

I love this so much, had to share it.

Playlist for writing this blog:
The Script ~ Six Degree's of Separation
The Script ~ If You Could See Me Now
The Script ~ Nothing
Goo Goo Dolls ~ Iris

A random playlist indeed, now that I look at it! 

Overcome the notion that you must be ordinary, it robs you of the chance of being extraordinary. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

A majestical week and perhaps a bombshell. xD

Hey, sorry for the late update of my random life. I was meaning to post another update on Saturday (last week!) about something that happened but I didn't get around to posting it, eg. I was terrified about it and also telling others about what happened. But I will be brave and fearless! Woo.

Well to start this week's post by perhaps dropping a bombshell, last Friday I travelled to a hospital in Dublin to see a dermatologist. All sounds fine, but I was a little concerned, as I always am. (I worry over EVERYTHING, like seriously) 

I arrived at the hospital and went to the dermatology unit (skin department) and was seen by the professor. He was so nice! We were chatting about my skin complaint, it was on my forehead and had been reappearing for months, bigger and more swollen each time. Turns out, the reason I was seen so quickly was because there was a fear that it was melanoma. SKIN CANCER. 

I live in IRELAND, and I've never been on a sun holiday (they asked me that on the form and I wrote no with a :( face, professor nearly died laughing) But seriously, I was in shock, I nearly fainted. 

But I don't have melanoma thankfully, it was only an infected scar from when I ran into a wall when I was around three or four. Okay, my co-ordination was terrible as a child, I'm joking it still is.

Not much happened this week, I had my end of Transition Year interview with my Year Head, who we affectionately call, 'The Ham' you earn credits by doing various things, the most you can get is 300 credits over all, you earn a distinction by earning 250+. 

You're probably all wondering what I got, so I might as well tell you all. I got, 290 out of 300. One of the highest in the year. I was thrilled, when I say thrilled I mean ASDFGHJKL. 

Some people when they heard however, actually distanced themselves from me, maybe out of embarrassment or more likely, jealousy. It's a shame really that they're taking TY interviews so seriously, they mean nothing once we're in Fifth Year. I don't want someone to fall out with me because I got more TY credits than they did. 

A photo of my friends Caitlin and Maeve last week in school, it was Caitlin's birthday so we gave her an impromptu Oreo cupcake with a candle! 

We had a free unsupervised class today, this was the result... 

John drawing the magnificent artwork of a fellow student, he will remain nameless! 

The transitions of Gary. ''You say Garra, I say fly!'' GARRA FLY 
''You say Garra, I say pillar!'' GARRA PILLAR

So that's about it for this week!
I hope you all enjoy the Bank/Public Holiday, I know I will!
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless

Aveen xx