Sunday, 18 May 2014

As You Wait Alone, Hiding Tears Of Doubt..

Hey Everyone!

I've spent the last week or so studying like a maniac for my summer exams so apologies for being quiet here, Twitter and Tumblr. I can't honestly believe that the school year has less than two weeks left. The first day of Fifth Year seems like only yesterday. In September I'll be starting my last year of secondary school, a thought that seems just crazy and utterly surreal!

Due to the incoming exams, I haven't been doing a lot recently that is of much interest. 'The Random Life of Aveen' hasn't been that random as of late, more filled with stress, fear and doubt due to exams and teachers nicely telling us to study.

On Tuesday in Ag Science we went to a nearby field with oil seed rape, which is then turned into rape seed oil! It's a bit of a tongue twister to say out loud. Our teacher told us to take selfies with the crop so here's mine! As I'm a 'senior student' by being in Fifth Year, we're allowed to wear blazers instead of the woolly jumpers. They're actually quite comfortable and you stand out from the sea of jumpers in the school too which is strange at times.

On Thursday morning we had a fire drill in school which was eventful! The fire alarm goes off so often in our school that we just generally ignore it, like if there ever was a fire we'd probably all burn to death. The entire drill took around half an hour which was good as it was during class time!

Down below you'll see I bought a toy sheep, who I've named Claudia! The town I live in is hosting 'Golden Shears' ie the Sheep Shearing Olympics in a way. Needless to say the entire town has gone crazy with sheep related items. I love sheep so I think it's just brilliant that everywhere is covered in sheep. All the shop windows have sheep related displays and some of the election posters even have sheep related puns which I found was hilarious. Nearly all the shops are selling sheep teddies which is just adorable.

I told my Mam that I'm bringing Claudia The Sheep to the Gaeltacht, but she said I'd have to give her an Irish name when I'm over there, so she's now called 'Sive' as I recently read the play of the same name. Wow the optimism!

Saturday had brilliant weather. I went down the town to go to Costa and practically everyone was in shorts or summery clothes which is very strange for Ireland. I went into town, did a few things and bumped into my friend Nora so we spent a while chatting before I went home to study, fun.

My brother finished his third year in University on Saturday as well, which is annoying because I've become used to being the only child at home for most of the year! *Cries* At least September isn't too long away...

Photo with the field, holla. 

''Hey Aveen what have you been up to lately?''

Say hello to Claudia The Sheep!

These are the types of snapchats that I send... 

*Lyrics: Birdy ~ Shine

That's about it from me for this week!
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx


  1. omigod I'd forgotten about the fire drill :DD

    1. It honestly made my life that morning, had right craic with the TY's who had maths, was telling one of them about LC German *cries*


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