Saturday, 11 May 2013

My Accent. (Rant! Woo a rant hooray let's party)

So it's the end of another week of the Life of Me. There's something in particular I want to address.

First of all, you all know I'm Irish right? I suppose it's not difficult to notice. So, obviously, I have an Irish accent. Usually I'm quite fond of my accent, it's different. It's not as Dan Howell says ''Like a posh twat'' but it's not as though I've just come out of a bog either. However my accent is slightly different to the vast majority of accents in my year in school. Basically I sound ARTICULATE, (I have been watching too much Danisnotonfire, check him out seriously, he always makes me smile) and the majority of the students in my school sound either American or like they have just hopped off their tractor. (Which is extremely likely where I'm from)

But it's getting annoying how some of the less articulate sounding keep persevering in mocking my accent. It's petty and immature and more or less reflects their character, not my own. Just because you can't pronounce your words properly and I can doesn't mean you should automatically possess dislike, hate or even jealousy towards me.

I don't want to upload a video clip, but, what does my accent sound like, you ask? Well, it's a mixture of South East Ireland and Dublin 4, (D-4) so I can sound like a local and well educated at the same time, which is a little weird I will admit but in most social circles, it's thought to be a nice accent. They know I'm friendly and a local, born and bred in the sunny South East however I also know how to communicate in a good manner. 

I'm actually more determined to speak how I do. I will not cheapen my voice just because some airheads mock it. That seems to be my knee-jerk reaction to everything in life. In primary school I was criticised for reading books and sounding different, (oh yay re-occurrences are simply the best) what did I do? To be honest I actually read more books and listened to more Stephen Fry (I had Cd's of Harry Potter books which were read aloud by Stephen Fry, childhood memories!) So I sounded even more different and ''weird'' in their eyes. I guess I will do the same this time around. 

Just so you don't think this is a completely negative post (I'll be posting my weekly update today too don't worry, this is just an extra little rant, lucky you!) some people in my year have complimented my accent. One girl in particular said to me, ''Aveen, I really like your accent, you sound so different to everyone else, like posh but still down to earth'' Yes, I was actually told that, and it did brighten up my day. 

I think the main thing is perspective, some see a flower, some see a weed. Some people in my year hear D-4 and automatically believe I'm some sort of prat, some hear it and think that I just want to be educated and sound like I am. I don't know, I think the jury is out on this one, well the students are. 

* 13/05 We were discussing my accent in maths today, as you do, and one person blurts out that I sound posh, I'm sorry, but I'm not posh, I just know how to speak. Articulate is the word I would use to describe it. 

Thank you everyone for putting up with my rant, it was something that had been irking me for some time now (Basically since the start of the year)
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Stay true to you (not meaning to be cheesy)
Aveen xx

I love this so much, had to share it.

Playlist for writing this blog:
The Script ~ Six Degree's of Separation
The Script ~ If You Could See Me Now
The Script ~ Nothing
Goo Goo Dolls ~ Iris

A random playlist indeed, now that I look at it! 

Overcome the notion that you must be ordinary, it robs you of the chance of being extraordinary. 

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