Friday, 3 May 2013

A majestical week and perhaps a bombshell. xD

Hey, sorry for the late update of my random life. I was meaning to post another update on Saturday (last week!) about something that happened but I didn't get around to posting it, eg. I was terrified about it and also telling others about what happened. But I will be brave and fearless! Woo.

Well to start this week's post by perhaps dropping a bombshell, last Friday I travelled to a hospital in Dublin to see a dermatologist. All sounds fine, but I was a little concerned, as I always am. (I worry over EVERYTHING, like seriously) 

I arrived at the hospital and went to the dermatology unit (skin department) and was seen by the professor. He was so nice! We were chatting about my skin complaint, it was on my forehead and had been reappearing for months, bigger and more swollen each time. Turns out, the reason I was seen so quickly was because there was a fear that it was melanoma. SKIN CANCER. 

I live in IRELAND, and I've never been on a sun holiday (they asked me that on the form and I wrote no with a :( face, professor nearly died laughing) But seriously, I was in shock, I nearly fainted. 

But I don't have melanoma thankfully, it was only an infected scar from when I ran into a wall when I was around three or four. Okay, my co-ordination was terrible as a child, I'm joking it still is.

Not much happened this week, I had my end of Transition Year interview with my Year Head, who we affectionately call, 'The Ham' you earn credits by doing various things, the most you can get is 300 credits over all, you earn a distinction by earning 250+. 

You're probably all wondering what I got, so I might as well tell you all. I got, 290 out of 300. One of the highest in the year. I was thrilled, when I say thrilled I mean ASDFGHJKL. 

Some people when they heard however, actually distanced themselves from me, maybe out of embarrassment or more likely, jealousy. It's a shame really that they're taking TY interviews so seriously, they mean nothing once we're in Fifth Year. I don't want someone to fall out with me because I got more TY credits than they did. 

A photo of my friends Caitlin and Maeve last week in school, it was Caitlin's birthday so we gave her an impromptu Oreo cupcake with a candle! 

We had a free unsupervised class today, this was the result... 

John drawing the magnificent artwork of a fellow student, he will remain nameless! 

The transitions of Gary. ''You say Garra, I say fly!'' GARRA FLY 
''You say Garra, I say pillar!'' GARRA PILLAR

So that's about it for this week!
I hope you all enjoy the Bank/Public Holiday, I know I will!
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless

Aveen xx


  1. Your life is far more interesting than mine :P ! xx

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