Thursday, 16 May 2013

Procrastinating in Computers yayayay!

So I'm in ECDL again, this time it's a free class as I've completed the course early. There's 9 minutes left of this class, I'll set myself a challenge and see how much I can type in that short space of time. Time plays such a huge part in my life. We judge everything by time, constantly restrained and ruled by it. No other species except humans is constrained in such a way by time. I guess it's the fear of time running out.

I possess that fear also, in particular I had that fear today. You know how they say a cat has 9 lives? Well my family believe I'm the same, I've had several near-death experiences, nearly 3 this year already. I had one today, I was crossing on the pedestrian crossing on my way into school this morning and an old man (not discriminating against him but you know) in a jeep came flying down the road, he saw me, he looked me in the eye and keep on going, just as I was about to cross.

I keep having these experiences on this crossing, people don't look and see if there's anyone on the crossing. A few months ago I was inches away from a car bumper on the same crossing. I feel as though time is running out for me. That there's only a certain amount of time left. Call me crazy but it's startling how often I'm having these near death experiences.

After reading The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, I keep thinking of the phrase ''This Star Wont Go Out'' the name of the charity the book is dedicated to. I'm going to buy one of their wristbands, to help fight cancer and to show how, this star wont go out. (Get it?) I don't want this star to go out, alas, I fear it will, and soon if I keep having near death experiences.

It's 9.38. Class ends at 9.40. Time is running out until history next class followed by double German. This Star Wont Go Out. Not just yet anyway.

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless
Aveen xx
I know I keep randomly updating, enjoy it while it lasts, especially seeing as I'm busy all day Saturday, the day I usually post! :O
This star won't go out.

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