Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ooh another random week! Excitement!!

Hey, Dia Dhuit, Ciao, Bonjour, Hallo etc! 

So, another week has passed. It's becoming scary how fast time is flying by these days. The scent of summer is truly here and only one full week left of Transition Year! (Sobs hysterically in the corner) Let's hope my hay fever doesn't act up on me.

So, the Life of Me. Well, last Saturday I went to Limerick (it's in Munster, a province in Ireland) with my parents to collect my older brother as he has finished his second year in the University there. (Go UL Wolves!) and, being honest, it's quite a drive to-and-fro. Even with new motor-ways and everything. So basically I just put my earphones in and listened to my travelling play list, Ed Sheeran, Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift etc. 

It was a good trip overall, especially because I went to Penney's (Primark for those in the UK) and got some new clothes, jeans, tops, cute cardigans, jumpers and some new hair accessories. I even bought a dress, me, of all people. I haven't worn a dress since my Communion, when I was eight. 

The weekend was good too, it was a bank/public holiday so I had no school Monday. Tuesday passed in a haze, Holistics was good, we meditated in the Oratory, it was so relaxing I even fell asleep! Not before I took a photo of some lads in an awkward pose (posted at the bottom!) 

On Wednesday, everyone in Young Social Innovator's attended the YSI Showcase, which is the final, excitement! Our YSI Guide (our TY coordinator, The Ham) wasn't in so another teacher accompanied us. There were a lot of games and activities to occupy nearly 4,000 students who attended from all over the country. 

In particular, we all enjoyed Zumba, it was so energetic and fun. The weather wasn't great on the day, so we didn't do the archery, something which I was completely devastated about seeing as I wanted to become Katniss Everdeen! No I'm just kidding. 

We left early and travelled back to the school, while we were in Dublin, my friend's phone was stolen, she still hasn't gotten it back, I won't go into details but yes, it put a dampener on things all right. 

On Thursday, I had normal classes, I've officially completed ECDL and I'm fully qualified. I also had a German test, and it actually wasn't bad, yes! Afterwards I had PD, and we learnt about melanoma, (I was casually cringing in the background, seeing as I was nearly diagnosed with the cancer a few weeks back, don't worry I don't have it thankfully)

After lunch, a teacher spoke to myself and a friend of mine, asking if we could do a favour. Being TY's we of course said yes, I mean we had Irish and Maths next, who wouldn't? So we had to go to the Oratory and put down masking tape in rectangle shapes on the floor. Our Irish teacher spotted us and gave us permission, we also had to pick two lads to help us, we had to move chairs too. The task took two whole classes. We finished ten minutes before the end of school so we dropped the teachers keys in the pastoral office, some lads in our year were sitting unsupervised there and were having an intense gossiping session so we left them to it! 

On Friday, we had our class tutor photos taken and we made 'Books 4 Babies' packs in the local library. We are also designing and compiling a TY Yearbook and I'm helping with it. The teacher in charge got me excused from double Japanese to help compile class tutor groups on file. Afterwards I ran into the teacher who also asked me to do stuff in the oratory, she needed another favour! I had to hand out forms for the hike happening at the end of TY. 

So myself and two others brought the forms around, and as we were doing that, the TY awards sheets were being handed out, they are joke awards like ''Best hair'' ''Best Tweeter'' ''Most photogenic'' ''Biggest Culchie'' etc so we had to vote for those too. Another category was 'Most Annoying Voice' (read over the previous blog for more!) to name but a few. 

I also have some brilliant news, I got a summer job! Yes, Aveen got a summer job. (I can't name the company for obvious reasons and yes these are my own views) So I'm delighted that I will be busy for the summer. 

Photo's of my week
A photo of utter confusion and boredom. 

My brother falling asleep on the way home from Limerick

Micheál and Kevin in Holistic's !

Maeve with our Project Smilier poster at the Showcase

Tired on the bus...

After packing for Books 4 Babies, we decided to mess with Áine's hair...

So that's about it for this week in The Life Of Me!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Playlist for this blog: 
The 1975 ~ Chocolate
Imagine Dragons ~ Radioactive
Imagine Dragons ~ It's Time
Imagine Dragons ~ Demons
Imagine Dragons ~ On Top Of The World
Imagine Dragons ~ Bleeding Out
Imagine Dragons ~ Round and Round

I think I'm developing a love of Imagine Dragons! x

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