Sunday, 2 June 2013

Goals & Dreams! ASDFGHJKL

So come with me, 
where Dreams are born
and Time is never planned
Just think of Happy things,
And your heart will fly on Wings
In Never Never Land 
~ Peter Pan

Hello Everyone! I can't blog about my first week in my summer job (I did sign a contract after all, saying specifically NOT to write about the company, but the week went well!) so I'm going to write about goals, ambitions and dreams. 

Firstly, everyone has goals, ambitions & dreams. Big or small, important or just daily ones, like getting up on time and not falling out of the bed with exhaustion or clumsiness. (A deeply personal one for me being honest) I was thinking back to my childhood and I realised, I've had some pretty serious ambitions and goals throughout my short sixteen years, for nearly every year since around the age of eight, I have had an ambition or goal in my head constantly, whether it was to get good grades or to be in a specific place by a certain age (To visit London before I turned 25, I was 16 when I went for the first time, I hope it won't be the last)

There's one dream in particular I have been working towards since a very young age. You might laugh when you read what I'm about to type. (please don't, joking you can) The dream/goal is to be a primary school teacher. Since I was a child I've always wanted to be a teacher. Always. I've never seen anything else for me to do with my life, except perhaps Law, which I'm not so keen on. Teaching has just always been the answer, I did work experience when I was 14 and again when I was 16 in two different schools and I loved every minute of both, it made me realise that teaching is the one profession I am genuinely interested in and want to do. 

 I really noticed about my dreams and ambitions this year in particular. I was in Croke Park for a 'Leaders on our Level' conference this year and one of the speakers was Enda McNulty. He was truly inspirational and I really listened intently to what he was saying. After that day, he followed me on Twitter (I was so happy, it was because I had tweeted about him to one of my friends) So when I got home, I wrote down all my dreams, plans and ambitions for the next 5 or so years. It took several pages out of my diary, writing down meticulous details and then The Grand Plan. 

The Grand Plan is basically how I'm going to try my best in everything I do, what I want with my future and myself and how I will try achieve it to the best of my abilities. Obviously I'm going to keep updating it (like today, I put three more entries in and crossed some off, proud moment) 

I didn't really plan this post, it kind of just tumbled out. Unconscious thinking as my Creative Writing teacher would have said. The pen was connected to the page and your mind, I just wrote down what I thought. (Knowing I was right, obviously) Sarcasm sorry. I am such an INFJ... 

On another note,I was watching some video's on YouTube, (Catrific, she's awesome) one of her video's in particular about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.I did several online tests and delved into myself and my feelings, something I do a lot being honest. I discovered I am an INFJ.  (Cue party poppers)

What is an INFJ? Have you gone insane Aveen?

I thought I had gone slightly insane labelling myself as a random bunch of letters. They mean Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging. 

Maybe this explains why I'm so goal driven. I'm exhausted so I won't bore you with details about being an INFJ. From what I've read, being an INFJ is quite rare and INFJ's find life to be difficult but achieve great things and have a great depth of thinking and feeling, something I really relate to. 

I found all my info out on this page if you're wondering. It's a really informative website and I quite enjoyed reading about being an INFJ. I truly believe I am an INFJ. Why don't you find out your type and tell me about it? I'm on Tumblr, Blogger and Twitter pretty much all the time so I'll always have time to chat. 

Ps. If you're wondering, INFJ's are really rare, less than 2% of the world population is an INFJ. I think that's kind of cool to be honest. However a lot of people try mould their personality to become one, for the ''rarity'' I just read through the article and felt I related to every single word!

Description of my entire life.. No, really. 

My Desktop Background at the moment, to say I adore it is an understatement..

My reaction last night when news broke of Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who. I honestly thought I was going to drown in feels..

What I shall use to describe my blog and discussing my summer job. 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Playlist for this post:
Evanescence ~ My Immortal
Pink ~ Who Knew
Pink ~ Perfect
All American Rejects ~ Gives You Hell
Green Day ~ 21 Guns
James Blunt ~ Goodbye My Lover
The Fray ~ How To Save A Life
One Republic ~ Stop & Stare
Coldplay ~ The Scientist
Keane ~ Somewhere Only We Know

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