Sunday, 26 May 2013

Update! My Job & Summer!!

Hey Everyone! ANOTHER update on The Life Of Me! Aren't you all lucky? ;)

So, some of you may or may not know but, I'm starting my summer job tomorrow! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time, it's a huge mixture of feels in my stomach, I'm delighted that I've been given the wonderful opportunity to be employed for the summer, however at the same time I'm absolutely terrified that I'll mess up and be fired or something. (Yes, I'm worrying that much, woo)

So what does that mean to my blog? Well, it means a lot to my life and then, the blog. I'm a Life Blogger, I write updates on my life, and it's actually read by people! So this is a huge new part of my life, my first ever job, so obviously it's going to a huge part of my life until late August/early September. Don't worry, I'm not ending this blog, this star won't go out. I'm just letting you know in advance that I might be blogging a little bit less.

I still don't know my hours or days for the summer, but judging by my age it won't be full time or anything, it might be around school time hours, so basically I'll be paid to go to school, if you look at it that way. Except it won't be like school! On Saturday (yesterday) just after I updated with my Summer post, the company phoned me, giving me the shock of my life obviously, telling me that I was starting Monday. I was so excited. But I nearly burnt my hand with my hair straightener as I was straightening my hair when I got the call.

So that was just a little update on what's going to be happening here for the next little while. I'm not really allowed to blog about the company for obvious reasons, I'm not going to name the place either, and yes, these are my own views. (Had to clear all that up sorry)

* Another note, you're probably wondering why my previous post was so short, I just stayed at home on Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. I watched Sherlock too (Johnlock 5eva as they say) and became absorbed in feels. I did some things during the week so I may post them up sometime. (ALERT PROCRASTINATOR ALERT)

Playlist for this update:
The Script ~ Science And Faith
The Coronas ~ Listen Dear
The Coronas ~ Grace Don't Wait!

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Yeah, I'm just afraid I'll do something like this on my first day.. 

Or this.. 

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