Sunday, 19 May 2013

Another week of majestical adventures!!

Hey Everyone, another week of the Life of Me has come and gone. This week was also the last full week of Transition Year! (Holds back tears) Be strong everyone, be strong. We will get through this! :)

We have our Awards Night on Monday night in the school gym which has been decorated and looks brilliant. On Friday I was announced as one of the host's of the award's, something which delighted and both terrified me at the exact same time. There's a male host too, and we have to write our lines. So as you can imagine I'm half procrastinating and half writing them. Myself and the male host were Skyping and we have practically all of the lines written, we just have to add in some humour (Oh the horror!)

Just so you know, I do have a sense of humour, however, it's not humour sense of humour it's dirty minded humour. I have a feeling the school principal, who will be attending the awards night, won't accept/like any jokes I make. No pressure then Aveen, so we're trying to get off some classes for rehearsals and more fine-tuning.

So I'd like to update you all on my week this week. It wasn't the craziest week nor the most boring either. On Monday, I mainly worked on the Yearbook for TY. Tuesday I helped with some certificates which will be presented at the Awards Night, I had my Irish Speaking test and worked on the Yearbook for six more classes, it was great.

In our school for incoming First Year students we have a mentor/Meitheal leader programme where Fifth Year students are assigned to a First Year class and mentor them for their First Year. I applied because I felt I could help younger students and it would be good experience for when I will hopefully be a primary school teacher. I had my interview on Tuesday after school and it went really well! I was quite pleased with how it went for me.

On Wednesday I was still working on the Yearbook (Yes, I've never seen something take so long in my life!) but eventually finished the entire thing before last class. So as you can imagine with looking at the same computer screen for practically three days, I thought my eyes were going to bleed. The Ed Sheeran lyrics ''My eyes are red'' were quite true for me!

I had regular classes on Thursday, the teachers were brilliant, they let us do very little as it was our last week as Transition Years. It seems so weird typing that, *IDEA FOR ANOTHER BLOG POST WOOHOO*

so we had no homework or work to do in classes.

On Friday our Year Head came back in after a week of absence and organised the students in how to prepare for Monday. Ham (our nickname for her) then assigned people to speak on various topics and then told me I was the female host of the award's night! I was in shock for a few seconds, I was concerned I wouldn't be a speaker, let alone a host! So I spent most of Friday and Saturday working on lines and what not.

Saturday evening/night I went to my friend Áine's surprise 17th birthday party. I arrived at 7 as I was bringing the cake (ordered from the bakery I will be working in hint hint) In total there was 26 of us there. It was a great night and I really enjoyed it! I think everyone else and especially Áine did too. I got home at 11 o'clock and went straight asleep, I was exhausted!

So now it's nearly midday on Sunday, I know I'm late with my blog post, but only by around 24 hours! :)

Playlist for this post:

Cimorelli ~ Just Give Me a Reason (Cover)
The Coronas ~ Addicted To Progress
The Coronas ~ Won't Leave You Alone
MCR ~ The Black Parade (sobs, I hurt my feels listening to it)
Paramore ~ Still Into You
Imagine Dragons ~ Radioactive

So my favourite YouTubers are Dan (Danisnotonfire) and Phil (Amazing Phil) and they won  the Sony Golden Headphones award! I voted for them over 10 times so I was fangirling so much when they won!
Here's Dan with Cat in America this week, I may or may not ship them slightly! The cat jumpers are just so cute!

I was in the local supermarket and I saw that cucumbers were 69c. See what I mean about dirty-minded/immature sense of humour? 

Here's my friend Maeve with the wooden box she made in woodwork, it looks amazing! Well done :)

Here's the top of the box, yum! 

My little cousin Ornaith (pronounced like R-NAH) on my laptop, let's hope she doesn't become an addict like me..

A poor quality photo of Áine's cake. It was 12 inches by 12 inches (30 centimetres) with pink icing so it was huge. It was so heavy!

I hope you all have an amazing week, you all deserve it!
Wish me luck hosting!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless
Aveen xx

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  1. Transition Year sounds so exciting and interesting ! Congrats on getting the host job :D lol cucumbers for 69c ;)


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