Wednesday, 15 May 2013

UPDATE! What is this? ANOTHER extra post?!

Hey Everyone,

 A little update on the Life Of Me. I want to thank all of you amazing people across the globe who have been reading my blog, I just reached over 1500, yes FIFTEEN HUNDRED views. Seeing that people from as far as Taiwan, Korea, America, UK, Spain, France and all over are reading the musings and random blog entries written by a girl from a small town girl in the South East of Ireland is truly extraordinary and so heart warming in dark moments and also in good ones. I'm so happy you all enjoy my blog, I love writing about what happens in my life, it's mildly therapeutic and it's good that I have an online record of my life, not just the diaries I write in which are easily lost. 

Yes, I did mention dark moments there. If you read my previous blog posts regarding my own mental health, don't worry, I'm actually the best I have been in a long time. That's a huge thing I learnt this past year in Transition Year. I let every little issue get me down, I didn't realise how much that would worry/depress me. It would cause me such un-necessary stress, worry and anxiety. I believe that's something I learnt this year. I was extremely naive, I still am, but no where near as much as I was. I still believe there is good in everyone, you just have to dig very deep for some people, but it's still there, somewhere.

I've relaxed so much too, not, so laid back I'm almost horizontal, relaxed, but, relaxed! I used to rush to all my classes as soon as the bell went, I wait for people now (hooray for social interaction!) and socialize on the way to classes, and, laugh. Yes, I said laugh. I'm smiling so much lately I can even see my one dimple (on my right cheek for stalkers) again for the first time in years. I don't know I feel rejuvenated and a lot happier in myself. 

I feel more in control of my path, future and life too, which is always a bonus I think! I have my 5th Year subjects picked, I'm actually happy with them. I applied to be a Meitheal Leader (mentor) to incoming first year students and I had my interview yesterday. (I'll post more about that in my weekly post!) TY is drawing to a close, and, despite my previous thoughts, I'm at the other side, happier, confident and I know exactly what I need to do to reach my dreams, goals and ambitions. That is what I believe I learnt this year. I learnt to become the real me, not the one I had been moulded into. 

So that's about it until I post my weekly update. That'll be around Friday or Saturday, maybe not Saturday I'm busy with rehearsals and an event in the evening. Might even be updated on Sunday, the horror! Just don't attack me like fangirls do when another fangirl doesn't update her fanfic, (trust me I've seen that happening, it's kind of frightening) 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Again, thank you all so much for reading my blog, you don't know how much it means to me! x

Playlist for this blog!
Kodaline ~ High Hopes
Imagine Dragons ~ Radioactive
Ed Sheeran ~ Give Me Love
Emeli Sandé ~ Read All About It
The Fray ~ How To Save A Life
Maroon 5 ~ She Will Be Loved

Random playlist I know, but still, I'm random. xx
Love this pic, it's of Winnie the Pooh and my favourite YouTuber, Dan Howell aka Danisnotonfire! 


  1. Danisnotonfire and Winnie the Pooh <3

    1. Which is ironic because he always complains about his adorable Winnie The Pooh voice


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