Saturday, 17 August 2013

My Week & Back To School Horror

Hey Everyone!

Another week has come and gone, with it more exciting memories, procrastinating and sobbing over going back to school. Fun times. I need to chat to all you lovely readers about back to school and how it complicates my blog. First however I'm going to tell you about my week!

So it was my second last week of my summer job this week, I came home everyday with increasing pains in my legs! Ouch! So I rested after work most of this week, little or no socialising unfortunately. However, I treated myself to a limited edition Orla Kiely travel mug! Orla Kiely is an amazing Irish clothes designer, Kate Middleton and her Mum Carole, are very fond of her designs and have worn her outfits on several occasions. Once I heard she was releasing limited edition travel mugs I literally screamed with excitement. I have used mine a couple of times already (I was drinking hot chocolate from it earlier today editing my YouTube video for this week, the weather was miserable)

Leaving Cert results also came out in Ireland this week, so a huge well done to everyone who received their results, in particular my cousin Barry, you did brilliantly. A lad from my school also achieved the highest result  in the country! (9 A1's!) Once again congratulations Mark, best of luck in the future.

Again, on the subject of school, I'm starting Fifth Year on August 28th. What does mean to my blog and YouTube? Sadly, an awful lot. Fifth Year is the start of the Leaving Cert cycle so it will be hard work and study for me as I want to achieve the best possible results. The impact is that I will be blogging less as I will most likely be using my spare time for work and study sadly. I really don't want to reduce my blogging/YouTube time and presence, I don't want it to be this way, but I have to.

I want to achieve what I've dreamt and craved for, and that means I have to work hard in my school work. I will be popping up hopefully every week checking in on all of you, I'm just not guaranteeing it which really, honestly deeply saddens me. I've grown to love blogging to all of you all over the summer. It's amazing to think people all over the world are reading what I'm typing in my room in Ireland.

I felt I needed to tell you all in advance, also, I'm going to try finish the blogging challenge before I go back to school and also do some revision and my summer job in between. Fun times.

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Playlist For This Blog:
Paramore ~ Still Into You
Paramore ~ Ain't It Fun
Paramore ~ Fast In My Car
Paramore ~ Now
Paramore ~ Grow Up
Ed Sheeran ~ A Team
Fall Out Boy ~ Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
The Script ~ Six Degrees Of Separation
The Coronas ~ Grace Don't Wait!
Panic! At The Disco ~ Let's Kill Tonight

My Orla Kiely travel mug set! (I was not paid to sponsor this, I was actually so excited when I got it, I had to feature it on my blog)

A photo of a badly parked van I took! Talk about parking in the middle of nowhere! 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx


  1. I've reading through your blog & omg I also love Paramore (going to their concert in Dublin September 2nd!) Taylor Swift (All-time fav) One Direction (they were on your corkboard) and Danisnotonfire. He's probably my favourite youtuber!
    Love your blog x

    Love Niamh

    1. Awh thank you! :D I wish I was going to see Paramore, wasn't allowed go because it's a school night :( Let me know how it goes (amazing I'd say, Hayley Williams' vocals are just surreal) Danisnotonfire is my idol to be honest!

      I followed your blog a while ago I think, you got an Alexa Chung fringe? It looks great, love your blog x


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