Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Week Before Summer Ends!

Hey Everyone!

It's hard to believe the summer is practically over. I can't believe how fast the time went by! It seems like only yesterday I was absolutely terrified about starting my summer job in the middle of May, yesterday I finished up for the summer and there were several handshakes, hugs, ''good luck's'' and even a little tear! It was a truly unique experience and gave me a little insight into the working world. I'm going to miss so many people, however I'll be happy to see all my friends at the same time in school again!

So this week was a little varied, I'll explain! Last Sunday, my parents went to my cousin's wedding in another part of Ireland, so myself, my brother and my cousin (his parents were at the wedding too) were left to our own devices in my house. When you're with two lads for nearly 2 whole days, the quality of your diet falls, dramatically.

I'm not exaggerating, we ordered dinner from the same pizza place (Oh which one?!) TWICE in two days. Yes, we ate out in a few other places too (they can't cook and wouldn't let me, even though I studied home economics for four years!) So on Tuesday when Mam made one of her delicious dinners, I was delighted to eat healthy food again. Fast food is lovely to have, except not constantly for two whole days!

So, today's Saturday and I'm starting school again next Wednesday, which is slightly terrifying. I'm off Thursday and back in school Friday, so I'm only in for two days, perks of being a Fifth Year (only perk) I was in the school on Friday with my friend Tara and we dropped my books into my locker (and emptied the locker of my 3rd year books, fun times) and we walked around the school. It's strange because some parts of the school actually changed over the brief 3 months away! The place just seemed different, perhaps it was the absence of 1700 pupils, I'm not sure however it seemed eerie nearly.

Sorry my post is a little late today, I was out at my friends house at their party! They had an obstacle course bouncy castle and gladiator fights where you stand on the podium and try knock down your opponent, it was brilliant fun except for my scratched elbows (skin peeling, ew) so I can't lean my elbows anywhere without a sharp jab of pain. First World Problems I guess.

Today (Sunday) again I was being sociable, a rare occurrence for me! All my family came up to my house and we all chatted and ate cake along with other lovely sweet things. I blew up balloons and played games with my younger cousins to keep them occupied. However I got stung by a wasp! First time I've been stung for years, as a child I can recall being stung on the neck (reason why I'm TERRIFIED of wasps) so it was really good fun and great to see some of my relations. As you may know, I didn't really tell most of my family that I have a blog & YouTube, but my one of my cousins found it on my Twitter! Cheers for telling/showing everyone John! I think I'll have to post it on my personal Facebook soon *gasps*

Playlist for this blog:
I didn't listen to any music writing this post, I wrote it over several days due to time issues! Sorry! 

The only way to write blog posts!

Last week of my Summer job, next year guys?

Day 1 of The Pizza Fest...

The bouncy castle!

The bouncy castle that destroyed my elbows!

Did I ever tell you I had a bubble machine?

A horrendous photo of one of my elbows, so stingy.

Part of the Malteser cake my Mam made, Danisnotonfire eat your heart out!

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Ps, YouTube video will hopefully be recorded tomorrow or Tuesday, I'm going back to school so I may not be posting video's as often.. :( 


  1. I love this post your a great writer, like i had an amazing visual of your weekend. My parents left me to go to a wedding also this week, what a coincidence! :)

    1. Awh thank you, I do hope to writer someday if I can, woo we were both abandoned! Hahaha just kidding :)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. I always look forward to your posts! Eating fast food for two days sounds great, but probably only in theory hahaha! Did you skip TY? Good luck in fifth year. Whatever you do, STUDY AS YOU GO ALONG. I'm going into sixth year now and regretting not studying more when there was more time xxxx

    1. Awh thank you, you just made my day by saying that! :D no I did TY last year! :) I'm 17 next month (gasps) I have some posts on some trips I went on during TY. Study </3 Yeah I really want to do well in the LC, a lad in my school got 9 A1's this year :O I'd say you'll be fine Pam! xxxx


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