Thursday, 29 August 2013

J.O.A.L.L.A.P Collab Day 4! My Tumblr, Shipping & Fandoms Obsession!

Hey Everyone!

So I'm part of the J.O.A.L.L.A.P blog collab (link below) and the theme is to write about ourselves. Everyone's posts have been absolutely fantastic (and reposted on my blog along with everyone elses) so today I'm going to be writing about my Tumblr obsession! (Along with other obsessions)

So my Tumblr journey to insanity began in January 2012, when the nostalgia of Christmas had begun to fade. I didn't really reblog many things, just comedy posts. It's quite embarrassing when I think of it, I chose to reblog the most bland, boring posts on the internet. Even worse, I thought I was COOL for it. *cringes at self*

 I began reblogging posts from my fandoms in around March 2013 ( a fandom is like a book or tv series, or like YouTubers, more on them!) along with quotes, cute images and everything else in between. Then I lost my dignity (so my family says) because I turned into a full on ''fangirl''. I was heavily influenced by a former friend and I was in a laid back school year, Transition Year. Due to having more time on my hands, I began to spend all that time on Tumblr and my blog! I have no regrets, I've made so many friends through both these sites! (But back onto fandoms and shipping, I'm sorry this is random at times!)

My main fandoms at the moment are the Phandom which is Dan Howell and Phil Lester, two of my favourite YouTubers in existence. Many people ship them together, but I ship them as like a bromance or long lasting friendship. I adore their videos and check their Twitters practically daily to see if there's a new video or anything interesting happening (I'm made myself sound so bad there, oh my gosh)

I'm also in the Divergent fandom, The Hunger Games fandom, Sherlock, Doctor Who, TFIOS, basically any thing Vlogbrothers related and if you count singers, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Paramore, One Direction (one and off) and many more.

I basically ship everything and anything! Shipping is putting two people together in a relationSHIP or a friendSHIP. Who am I kidding, it's nearly always a relationship. In Harry Potter for example I ship Hinny, Romione, Drapple, Jily and RemusTonks! My OTP (One True Pairing) at the moment is Dantesers, Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell) and maltesers!

Did I also tell you I have a John Green book shrine? Yeah.

So that was a major part of my life, I'm planning on making a YouTube video in the coming weeks about the same issue. 

                                                                             My OTP, Dantesers!

Here's some of the miscellaneous things I reblog on a daily basis, except I won't be because of school again. *cries* So here is probably my last blog post of unplanned insanity! 





How to describe insulting someone's ship.. 

One of my favourite Divergent stills! 

I also reblog some cute photos and quotes 

So that's about it from me about my various fandoms, ships and incurable Tumblr obsession! 
Leave a comment if you agree that Tumblr is addictive or whatever you think, I LOVE hearing from you all!
Also, to anyone who didn't know about Tumblr, I am sorry, please don't blame me for ruining your life! :) 

Here's the order of who'll be posting! 

Monday ~ Lemmie
Tuesday ~  Jamie
Wednesday ~ Ony
Thursday ~ Me!
Friday ~ Phoebs              
Saturday ~  Leah            
Sunday ~  Alex

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx


  1. Oh my god have your read the fault in our stars? I was scared I would cry ( knowing its about cancer) and boy I did , but it was SUCH a good book!
    Great post, gonna reblog it soon x

    1. I read it in March, on a plane, not a good idea! I sobbed so much afterwards! Looking for Alaska made me cry too! Awh thank you :D x

  2. Oh my gosh, i love d yhis unplanned post! I ship anything and eberything that has a pulse...sometimes even non existent things :) Pb and J are meant to be :p (No, I'm not crazy :)

    1. It came from the heart! ;) It's what over tiredness does to me! Haha thankies, I was writing it, thinking ''People are going to be scared of me after this'' Shipping anything with a pulse, omfg


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