Saturday, 25 January 2014

You Use Your Words As A Weapon Dear.. But Your Blades Don't Hurt When You Have No Fear..

Hey Everyone!

So it's the end of yet another week. It's absolutely shocking to realise that it's nearly the end of January. It seems like literally only yesterday that we were all ringing in the New Year and stuffing ourselves silly with chocolate and other yummy stuff.

At this moment in time, I'm firmly back to school having been back for over 3 weeks now, time flies when your mind is distracted with studies I suppose. My teachers have been absolutely delightful with overloading me with homework. Today I missed out on badminton and instead did homework. I started at 10.30 this morning and including lunch at one, was finished everything by 5 pm. The absolute joys of Fifth Year. I actually had a lot of homework, I had homework in every subject, questions in German, Irish, Maths, English, Ag Science and History really do add up drastically. Not forgetting the business notes on household and business management.

So I learnt all those so I'm free for a while. The reason I was doing my homework today is because I'm going to the other side of the country (again) to drop my brother back to University. I'm slightly delighted that he's going back. He's been home for 5 weeks (University Christmas holidays are ridiculously long) so I'll be a ''part-time only child'' as my parents call it. So I'm very much delighted that he'll be going back, I was running out of sassy comments to use..

In other news, a supermarket (ssh it's Tesco) opened a new building and closed their old premises. The new premises includes Costa coffee too. On the opening day the place was absolutely full, it felt like the entire town was in the store! Obviously, I went to Costa straight after school and got a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream which was simply amazing. I live quite near the new shop (it's one of the biggest in Ireland at the moment I believe) so I can walk down to Costa, and walk back up if I want. To me, it's a huge development for the ''small town'' I live in! (PS it's completely awkward when you bump into some of your teachers there, just letting you know *coughs awkwardly*)

So again, I'm sitting here and it's a Saturday night. Another huge development is that I have joined Snapchat! If you want to add me on Snapchat tweet me and I'll send you a DM (Direct Message)of my username. I've already sent some hilarious and terrifying Snaps to Grace but I think they're funny.

On another note, the title of this blog post comes from the song ''Words As Weapons'' by Birdy (who's my age ironically) and what I'm about to discuss has been on my mind for a while.
People I know in real life have been literally trying to use my words on this blog as a weapon against me. It shouldn't be this way, and it irritates me so much that people are spreading rumours that I'm gossiping about everyone I know in real life on my blog (Which I can guarantee is not the case). There are a few people who have taken these rumours seriously, which is somewhat childish as there's concrete evidence that I've said nothing. ''Your blades don't hurt don't hurt when you have no fear''  and another thing, ''Your arm will tire throwing stones my way''  

What's been happening has been quite mild in comparison to things I've experienced in my life, but I'm not standing for it. Nobody has the right to use what I love (blogging) as a method to try ''get back'' at me. I'm maintaining my moral high ground and leaving it at that. 

And on a more positive note, I have my Irish interview on Saturday for the Gaeltacht! Wish me luck! (I've been learning Amhrán na bhFiann and been feeling patriotic the past few days) 

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Never let anyone get in the way of doing what you love,
Aveen xx

To convince you all to add me on Snapchat, here are a sample of the Snaps I have sent.. honestly.
I'll let the captions speak for themselves! 


  1. OMIGOD OMIGOD THE SNAPCHATS OH LORDE :O and yes only in Ireland will the entire town flock to see the new supermarket all at once ... I was there on Friday and it was freaking mental FRIDAY FRIDAY it was open THREE DAYS O.o

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Only checked this post now.. Oops, hopefully things will be quieter there now :)


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