Sunday, 1 September 2013

Something I'd Like To Clarify With Everyone..

Hey Everyone!

So I'm writing this ''bonus''  blog post to address something which has arisen in my life both on the internet and in my 'real life'. As you can probably guess, it's about this blog, The Life Of Me.

As I've previously written/typed, people I know in real life and on various social networking sites have started to find out that I, Aveen, have a blog. There's no problem with this, it's just that I'm a little shocked that people in REAL LIFE, who know me, are reading and possibly judging what I say here.
This is kind of my little corner of the internet where I express what has been happening in my life, both the previous week and in the past. (I've a post coming up soon about something I did when I was 7, it's hilarious) However, back onto what I saying earlier.

Blogging is not vanity. People believe that because I write about my life, I'm vain, self obsessed and shallow. This is not the case! I write about my life because I enjoy writing! Blogging is a way to get to know other people with similar interests and a method to improve spelling, grammar and punctuation. I don't blog to try brag and impress people with what I'm doing with my life. I blog because I enjoy it, also because I'd like to be a writer someday.

Think of it this way, blogging is my hobby. Most people play sports like football and hurling for their hobbies. (I play badminton too for mine) I'd like to ask the question, would you openly insult people for playing on a soccer or hurling team? I certainly hope you wouldn't, so why would you insult someone for having a hobby online? People who play on teams often win trophies/shields for winning competitions, however if a blogger wins or is nominated for something, they're considered to be sad, shallow, vain and to have ''no life''? Where are we all getting this assumption? Blogging and playing a sport are quite similar in ways, they're both a hobby and a way to know more people with a similar interest.

I don't see why there is such a negative stigma towards blogging, according to comments on a Daily Mail article (link is here ) Blogging supposedly takes up time away from school, well listen clearly. Blogging does take up time, especially if you're dedicated, but, so do sports and training sessions for them! In fact, they take up more time, teams may be training a couple of nights a week, blogging for me and a few others takes up a couple of hours on a Saturday and whatnot.

Also, what is so ''funny'' about blogging and being a YouTuber? People I spoke to would try stop themselves from laughing when they found out. I'm going to be honest, YouTube offered to make me a partner in YouTube recently, however, I didn't accept it. Why? Well first of all school work, and the backlash I would receive in school for being a partner in YouTube. The comments and snickering are immature and silly, and I've only uploaded three videos. Can you imagine what would occur if I was getting PAID to make the videos?

It's a vicious circle and it has to end. Being honest, at first I was a little taken aback at the backlash I was receiving from people, but it's not going to stop me from blogging and YouTube. I won't be posting on YouTube for a while, due to school work but in holidays expect something from me. People may think it's ''funny'' that a girl from their school is blogging, but it's my hobby and something I thoroughly love and I'm passionate about. You have your GAA and soccer, I have my blogging. I don't insult you for doing what you love, what gives you the right to do the same to me and fellow bloggers? Nothing.

This is something I felt I needed to address, 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless
NEVER let anyone get you down.
Remember, people only rain on your parade because their jealous of your sun and tired of their shade. 
Aveen xx


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    1. Awh thanks Grace! Just standing up for the bloggers! :D xx

  2. Don't mind the backlash, most people in school try too hard to impress others.

  3. Oh my gosh, Aveen! This was such a great speech! I agree with Grace, preach it gurl! :) I'm glad you wont let them slow you down! I love your blog, but personally i havent watched your videos. I should really check them out :)

    1. Awww thank you Ony! :) Haha maybe don't watch my videos!;)


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