Saturday, 21 September 2013

Alone, not lonely.

Hey Everyone!

So it's the end of another tiring week. I knew Fifth Year would be exhausting, but not this much. One thing I don't like about Fifth Year is that you do lots of work and time consuming activities but I can't really write about any of them as they're deemed (by me) to be too boring and lack luster. Oh well, I can live like a hermit for a couple of years, it won't kill me.

I had a few tests during the week and I was happy with my results. I had a free double German and study afterwards so I let my mind wander and wrote a poem (Not depressing or sinister I swear, it's quite optimistic believe it or not!)

Something else of interest to me was the fact that people in my year in school read/know of my blog?! I know I post links to my Twitter & Tumblr, however I didn't think people would actually read my random musings? This has made me feel slightly more cautious and conservative about what I express here (I wasn't really outspoken here to begin with) as for some reason I feel more comfortable sharing my views/life with random strangers than with my peers in education? It's a strange thing really, I feel more comfortable sharing everything with ''strangers'' however I don't feel all you lovely readers are strangers though! You are all a part of my life now, and support me by commenting, emailing and tweeting me. Even by reading this, I feel I nearly know you.

I know some people consider people who read their blogs ''their fan base'' however I consider you all my friends and people I would like to know properly some day in the future. It's easier to tell someone who won't judge you what's going on in your life rather than telling someone who knows you and may judge you for every single world you utter. I was talking to a real life friend of mine about making more YouTube videos because of being offered the partnership and everything, so hopefully in the weeks to come I will record a new video. Wahey.

So that's about it from me for this week. Next week should be more interesting as I'm going to see Othello with my English class on Thursday, September 26th, along with other things going on that day. Should I mention that this might be my last blog post as a sixteen year old?! DUN DUN DUNNNNN. Dramatic ending. Yes, it's my birthday on Thursday and I'll be seventeen! Wow, that was a quick year wasn't it? I think my blog is nearing it's six month old birthday then too! *Counting when I first starting properly blogging on a weekly basis, not my mediocre attempts!*

Playlist for this blog post:
The Strypes ~ Blue Collar Jane
The Strypes ~ Mystery Man
Kodaline ~ One Day
Kodaline ~ Brand New Day
Kodaline ~ Pray

*It was a Kodaline day for me today!

A photo from my ''Room Tour'' on the JOALLAP collab blog I'm part of! Find it here!

Here's a photo I saw on Carrie Shade's 'Against Suicide' page, I think it's so truthful and accurate.

So that's about it from me this week!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

My ''poem'' wahey
Alone, not lonely. 

I am alone, not lonely. 
Sitting in class, on the outskirts. 
The crowd everywhere but near me.
I sit, silent and diligent.
In my own, perfect world.

For being lonely would imply I desire company.
I am alone, on my own terms
and above all, my decision and choice.

I am not alone, with my thoughts,
dancing softly in my mind.
A constant buzzing, never leaving me in darkness.

One can never be truly alone, however some can be lonely.
Not me though.
For when I possess thoughts, a pen and paper. 
One can never be truly lonely or alone. 


  1. As always Aveen, a great post! I think you're one of the few blogs whose posts I read properly and without fail! Great poem too. Oh god no one from school knows about my blog, I think I might die. x

    1. Awh thank you! You're so kind to me on every post! :D Cheers about the poem, I died slowly on the inside when I heard.. I knew a few people knew about it and I told some of my friends, but basically like nearly 250 people and more in my year know about it now! :O x

  2. I find it awkward that half my year (and some tys and 2nd years.) follows my Instagram :| #Bloggerproblems no seriously though it's awkward I FEEL YOUR PAIN haha you're so good at poetry xx

    1. I haven't checked my Instagram in ages! I was bored in a double class, I didn't think I'd write anything productive! I had to omit a verse though, wasn't very positive about my peers, ssh! xx


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