Saturday, 14 September 2013

People Throw Rocks At Things That Shine..

Hey Everyone!

Hope you're all feeling amazingly wonderful, a contrast to me at the moment! Don't worry, Fifth Year is just an exhausting year so far. I barely have any free time at the moment, ironic seeing as for the past year I've been incredibly bored. I think it's better this way, so busy I can't dwell on past experiences as much, I very much live in the present and future now which I'm grateful for. So here's what I've been up to for the past couple of weeks!

I've mainly been doing school work (how interesting) and studying and homework. For the past couple of Friday's I've gone to Spleodar club after school. We speak Irish for a couple of hours and chat to other people in the school ''as Gaeilge'' it sounds like torture but it's actually so much fun and has really improved my Irish.

As you might know (Mar is eol duit!) my Irish isn't the best. I mean, I'm not fluent however, like everything, I give it my best effort, so I was little miffed and irritated in class during the week. We're studying a poem at the moment and discussing the various imagery and everything related to the poem, IN IRISH. I understand what the teacher says and one morning, the teacher asked me -in Irish- to talk about the poem in my own words, which I did to the best of capabilities. However, a person sitting across from me, in front of the teacher, decides to look at me and starts laughing and smirking at me as I was trying to explain the poem. I'm sorry, but I think you're a little old to be doing absolute rubbish like that. Others commented on what the person did, so it wasn't my imagination. To be honest, that's pretty low, and a little rich seeing as they missed the notes. Don't try make a mockery of others when you don't even know what's going on, it's irritating, hurtful and downright disrespectful. (Rant over)

Apart from that act of immaturity, everything else in my week went by fine. In Irish again (this class seems to be where all the gossip happens) We were discussing the verb, brath, to feel. My teacher begins to say it's like 'feels' or ''emotions'' My teacher said feels! I nearly freaked, and had danisnotonfire feels because of it. It was quite hilarious, in the midst of all the Irish, the teacher says ''Feels'' Highlight of the day.

Next week in school, a Holocaust survivor, Tomi Reichental is coming to talk to history students in my school. I attended his talk two years ago, I got the opportunity to meet him at the end and get a copy of his book signed too which was surreal.

Last Sunday I was also in Limerick aka the other side of the country! We were bringing my brother back to university, he's in Third year now. Wow, I remember him getting his Leaving Cert results, oops my Leaving Cert is in two years.

I haven't really been posting many photos on my blog for the past couple of weeks, as I felt I wasn't taking very many, as it turns out I've taken nearly 5 a week. How did that slip my mind?

With my cousin Owen, family banter and playing hide and seek! (I told him I was hiding in the attic, oops)

My new favourite album, definitely recommend it!

Perks of going across the country!

What can I say? I get scared easily.. especially by my own reflection!

Found another bottle with my name on it! (No more bottles have names on them anymore!)

Playlist for this blog post:
The Strypes album ''Snapshot'' it's so fresh, unique and different! 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Have a brilliant week and I'll chat to you all soon!
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Aveen xx


  1. Another great post! I completely agree, what that person did to you in Irish was very disrespectful. I suppose all you can do is ignore it and continue being you. It'll pay off. Tomi Reichental came to our school before and it was very interesting. I never got a chance to meet him though. I've been thinking of getting The Strypes album actually. Think I might give it a listen! xx

    1. Thanks Pam! :D Last time I heard Tomi Reichental nearly everyone in the school was crying! :( Definitely get their album, it's brilliant! xx

  2. I'm going to Tomi Reichental's talk too it sounds really interesting :) xx

    1. I probably won't go, as I've met him already and I'd miss important classes :/ I really wish the talk was during like religion not double ag science! xx

  3. You make me sick

  4. Aveen can be a nice girl but you always play victim when in truth your a real bully

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