Sunday, 16 March 2014

You could be doing anything you dream of.. If you believe in the things that make you strong

Hey Everyone! 

So this week was an extremely quick week for me. As I sit here on a Sunday morning typing and listening to Maybe by Birdy (hence the title of today's post) I'm finding it difficult to recall what occurred this week, something which is quite unusual for me as I usually recall everything. 

We had a half day on Monday due to a staff in-service so I missed double religion and also English (yay, but I actually love English) The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so much so I even posted a photo on Instagram about the weather. The day was symbolic that maybe Spring was well and truly here, that the dark, rainy, squally and just generally miserable days in Winter were gone for another few months. 

On Wednesday after school were my parent-teacher meetings, where, as the title says, your parents meet your teachers to discuss you and how you're getting on so far. My parents came home and they were absolutely thrilled, not a single bad/negative comment had been said! -Breathes a sigh of relief- I was quite calm afterwards as I had been slightly concerned about what the teachers would say. 

Thursday truly flew by along with Friday. On Friday my Ag Science class went to a dairy farm at the top of the town (ironically past my house) so at around 9.45am we were driving past my house and all I wanted was to go back to bed, priorities. The farmer showed us around the farm and we all took countless photos. As my uncle has a farm, I'm no stranger to calves, cattle and bulls, but some of the more ''townie'' girls honestly couldn't handle it which was slightly hilarious. 

At around midday we left the farm, just down the road is a petrol station who do what can only be described as the best breakfast rolls and salad rolls ever. As you can imagine, we begged our teacher to let us all have lunch there, which we did! (The other class was on the other bus and went straight back to school without going there hehe) So we all left with simply amazing rolls for lunch. (It's about less than a mile from my house so during the holidays my lovely Mam usually drives me up there to get lunch. Some of the lads even drive up there at lunchtime they love the place that much) 

We arrived back to school nearly half an hour after the other class so I was 25 minutes late for business. My teacher didn't mind as I explained we were later than was expected. (You're meant to tell your teachers in advance if you're not going to be in class due to any trips or GAA matches and whatnot) 

On Saturday I went back to badminton for the first time in I'd say three weeks! I've been given so much homework recently I haven't had any time to go. Needless to say I was really tired (10 am on a Saturday morning) but when we finished up, the weather was amazing. At 4pm I collected my two younger cousins and brought them to my house as their parents were gone to a wedding. 

We watched the Ireland vs France match, screaming with joy and nerves throughout the entire match. We jumped for joy when the final whistle blew (not going to lie, that referee had the most beautiful facial features ever) I got a little teary when Brian O'Driscoll (BOD) was interviewed and was the Man of The Match as it was his last game for Ireland (I also got emotional when Johnny Sexton was take off on a stretcher, I was just emotional throughout the match). A huge congratulations to the team for winning the Six Nations, the selfie they took was just fabulous! 

Enough with my rambling for this week! I posted a blog post yesterday about my blogs first birthday! I guess it was a really good day for Ireland yesterday, brilliant weather, Ireland winning the Six Nations.... and my blog turning one... haha. 

As I'm Irish and in a town somewhere in the South East of Ireland, I'm VERY excited for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, I've loved the parade since I was a small child. I'll try take some photos of the parade, I'll also be wearing green of course. 

On a final note, happy birthday to the best Mammy in the world, my Mammy! It's her birthday today (the day before Paddy's Day, so you can probably guess that her name is related to that fact) I hope you have a lovely birthday and my brother and I won't annoy you too much today! :D 

Photos from my week!
''Aveen why are you posing with silage?'' It's for my Ag Science project for my Leaving Cert if you're wondering. 

Taking selfies in front of the silage, Ag Students.. 

I was in Tesco on Friday, it's clear they're fans like me! (I bought the DVD and watched the film with a bowl of popcorn on Friday night, heaven)

Another poster in the store! May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

Some cupcakes we had over the weekend, yum. 

A photo I posted on Instagram. Clear skies in Ireland? Is it the end of the world? ;)

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx


  1. IRONICALLY ! Or is it really ? O.o

    1. Late reply (oops) the farm was actually up past my house. I saw my Mammy when we drove back to school haha


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