Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mini Haul - Make Up Products!

Hey Everyone!

I generally post lifestyle blog posts with a hint of fashion, however today I am leaping into the world of beauty blogging!

I generally wear no make up or very little as I feel I don't have the time (or effort) to wear any. I have embarrassing stories from when I was in First Year aged thirteen wearing mascara (how rebellious) to school one Monday morning. The first class was Home Ec and we were learning how to cut an onion, yes an onion.

So I was chopping up this onion and my eyes started to water. I was blinking back tears as I was chopping up the onion, until, I started crying from the fumes. Did I say that the mascara WASN'T waterproof? You can probably imagine what happened next. .

Yep! Black stained tears streaming down my face. Needless to say, after that incident I have always been very wary of make up products. It sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

Back to the present day, today I was in the pharmacy getting my photos developed and I had a little look through the Essence cosmetics.

All in all, I bought

 BB cream 02 Natural which is perfect for my skin tone. 
Essence Sun Club All-In-One Highlighter. I bought the ''brunettes, darker skin'' version as my skin is slightly tanned all year round. 
Essence 3D eyeshadow called ''Irresistible vanilla latte'' 
and an Essence powder brush.  

So far, as I literally just bought the products, I haven't had a chance to use them. From the little amount of experimentation I have already completed, I love them. Another huge bonus for Essence make-up is the cost, it's ideal for any budget. 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx


  1. this was a great post! a change from your usual lifestyle posts! can't wait to see more of these posts in the future! :D

  2. THE EYESHADOW LOOKS BEAUTIFUL HOLY CRAP D: and omigod the home ec story xD xx

    1. Thankies Grace, I tried it and I love it! The Home Ec story is something I think about on a daily basis.. xx

  3. Great purchases! Best of luck with trying them out :)! x


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