Tuesday, 3 June 2014

June Third, Hello An Gaeltacht!

Hey Everyone!

So today is June Third. This date may seem like your average, insignificant day. However for me this is a slightly historic and ''big day'' for me. I'm going to the Gaeltacht today! 

I will admit that this post is a lovely scheduled post, a rare occurrence for me. All my posts on Tumblr and Blogspot until June 25th will be scheduled posts as any sort of modern technology such as phones and laptops are not allowed whilst I'm there. 

This a big deal for me. I've never been away from home for longer than a week. I've been to Krakow and London but I've never spent three weeks in Galway without my parents! Don't worry at the weekends they are allowed to visit me (yay) but they probably won't understand me as I'll be speaking so much Irish. 

You might be wondering, ''Why on earth would someone go to the other side of the country and spend three weeks there speaking Irish?'' Well there's a simple answer. I need the points for my Leaving. I want to become a primary school teacher after secondary school. One of the (many) requirements is a C3 in Honours Irish, I'm getting higher than that at the moment in my tests, but being the high achiever that I am, I'd like to get a higher grade (and to also just improve my fluency in general) 

Being honest, I really like Irish. It's a lovely language that I love to speak. It's also really fun going abroad and speaking Irish all over the place, it freaks people out! When I went to London we sang 'Thriftshop' as Gaeilge and translated the voice of the Underground stations, it was comical. 

Now however, it's time to go, I'm bringing my camera with me to the Gaeltacht so you'll see photos of my three week adventure in Galway! 
Go n-éirí an bothar leat agus slán abhaile. 
Aveen xx

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  1. I know you're already gone, but I hope(d) you have/had a great time!
    Slan go foill! xox


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