Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Transition Of Seasons

Summer turns to Autumn. 
Not all at once, but through a 
Transition of Moments. 

The balmy Summer nights, 
Bright as a firework, adrenaline fuelling the light.
Turning increasingly darker until you pull the curtains at 7pm, 
Darkness already fallen and the daylight long since passed. 

The 99's, once so comforting and relaxing on the beach. 
The sand was warm and soft between your toes as you gazed into the scorching sunshine.
Waves lapping up the beach, the smell of salt in every breath,
Is replaced with endless cups of coffee
And pumpkin spice lattes 
As hot steam swirls gently upwards from the cup .

The denim shorts and cotton t-shirts, 
Once stuck to your skin with humidity,
Are substituted with woolly jumpers, hats and scarves
To warm you against the sudden Autumnal Chill 
As the brown and red leaves crunch softly with every step you take
On the dry, cracked pavements. 

Breaths that were once filled with mugginess, 
Now appear as white steam through the atmosphere and condensation to windows. 
Life, once going by quicker than a stopwatch, 
To the pace of a stroll in the park. 
Frost, Dew and Hope linger in places unexpected. 

Leítír Móir, Galway. 


  1. So amazing <3 Your writing's always flawless !

  2. Aw thank you ! :) I really appreciate it holla


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