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Don't Tell Me Our Youth Is Running Out. It's Only Just Begun...

Hey Everyone!

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So this day last year, March 15 2013, I wrote my first official blog post as the author of ''The Random Life of Aveen'' Needless to say, my life seems completely different barely 365 days later.

I had a number of 'failed' blogs where I became bored and frustrated over my content and eventually abandoned said blogs. In March 2013, The Random Life of Aveen was born. I wasn't even sixteen and a half but I felt that my life had hit a immovable brick wall which I simply couldn't pass.

Blogging was an outlet for my frustrations and an opportunity to consider what I really wanted to do with my life, to show that my actions, thoughts and personality could make a difference to the world if I wanted it to. At the time, I felt that everything I did, was in vain, even waking up in the mornings could be a waste of time. Somehow, blogging helped me get through that phase. Writing a blog post every week and including photos gave me a purpose each week and this helped immensely.

Soon, my blog actually started getting a few hundred views, in May I got 1500 page views and I was so incredibly proud of myself. A small town girl who was always told she had ''potential'' after years of disbelief, was beginning to believe again.

Every small step was literally a milestone in my eyes. During the summer when I was working in my summer job, my views increased weekly, along with my esteem. It was like Maslow's motivation theory, The Hierachy of Needs.

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For an awful long time, I was barely at 'love and belonging' I felt as though I didn't belong. In school, I pretty much stuck out like a sore thumb in a mass of people. In the past year however, I've become much closer to Self-Actualisation. Where you possess feelings of creativity, moral integrity, spontaneity, ways of problem solving and so much more. 

Writing about my life through The Random Life Of Aveen doesn't make me obnoxious, rude, vain or self obsessed. It's part of my steps to self actualization and understanding and accepting who I am, flaws and all. It may seem when reading my posts that I have ''an amazing life'' which so many people apparently believe. This. Is. Not. True. I have a student's life. I'm your average 17 year old Fifth Year student who worries constantly about homework, my grades, my future, college and everything in-between, I just happen to write about everything. 

Writing The Random Life of Aveen has opened so many avenues of opportunity which I never believed to be possible. My peers may talk behind my back about my blog, when in reality, I don't really care any more. What matters more is how you perceive yourself. 

The Random Life of Aveen is a year old now and I feel as though I could never part with my blog and all the lovely friends I've made through blogging. I hope this will be among the first of many milestones I experience here as a blogger, and I hope all you lovely readers will continue to join me on the roller coaster that is, the random life of Aveen. 

This was a little blog post about the first year of TRLOA, whether this is the first blog post of mine you've read, or the 50th, I can't thank you enough. It's strangely comforting to have people all over the world reading my thoughts and sentences. 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

lyrics: Foxes ~ Youth


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRLOA !!!!!!!!!!! xx

    1. Thank you! :D I forgot my party poppers.. xx


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