Saturday, 28 December 2013

#ChristmasBloggers: What I Got For Christmas 2013!

Hey Everyone!

So it's been three days since Christmas! Well I guess time flies when you're having fun. I had a really good Christmas and got to spend lots of quality time with all my family.I won't bore you all too much with presents I received or anything but I did take some photos and I even did an OOTD! 

I had a Christmas Eve OOTD, however my laptops battery died (I've ordered another battery so I'm just waiting for it to arrive) so in the meantime I'm using my brother's laptop as he's home for Christmas from university. He's just playing Xbox games and watching some box sets so I can use the laptop pretty much whenever I want, THANK YOU SIBLING. My Christmas Eve OOTD photo's were saved to my own laptop so I won't be able to post them for a while, oops. 

Do not fear however, I have practically all my photos from Christmas Day onwards! Here is a selection of photos I feel represent some aspects of Christmas, which I spent either reading Allegiant (if you have read it you will understand why I was crying for hours) I watched both seasons of Sherlock in preparation for New Year's Day and I also watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special (at which I cried at too) Don't worry, I didn't spend my entire Christmas crying at fandoms, I visited my family, aunts, uncles and cousins on Christmas morning. We have a tradition that all my Mam's side of the family goes to one of my aunts & uncle's house and we all chat and socialise for an hour or so until we all go home to our own houses. You might think that sounds strange but it's what we've always done, my Mam comes from a large family so it wouldn't be possible for all of us to be together for all of Christmas, same with my Dad's family. 

But I visit my Nana (on Dad's side, yeah my family is kind of confusing cos there's so many people!)on Christmas Eve before we go to Christmas Eve mass. My Nana is nearly 92 so we always have interesting conversations with her but I do feel guilty when I don't get to visit her often. 

On Christmas morning I was woken up by my Mam's alarm at 6 am (she set one to put the turkey into the oven, I wish I was joking) and I couldn't get back asleep so I went to look at what presents I'd been given (Disclaimer, I am in no way trying to 'brag' about the presents I received, I'm so completely grateful and thankful that my family and friends gave me such lovely thoughtful presents) I was delighted with the presents I got, I must be so predictable, every gift was perfect! 

I got a new pair of Vans, the Sherlock season one and season two box set, Allegiant, Perks of Being A Wallflower, the two final The Mortal Instruments books, cute dainty tins of Nivea and Vaseline with actual tins of Vaseline or Nivea lip balm inside (I have an obsession with cute tins) and all sorts of lovely quirky gifts (including a lovely Christmas themed onesie) 

A photo of my new Vans! 

My Mam found this socks and bought them ''ironically'' for me, she knows me too well!

A random photo of my outfit from Christmas Day

Why hello there! I didn't have enough time to take out my tripod so here's my random selfies!

Clips: Penneys/Primark

Necklace given to me by my brilliant godmother for Christmas (thank you Rebecca!) 
Necklace: Forever 21

Jumper: Penneys/Primark
Top with collar: Penneys
Necklace: Forever 21
Vans: Vans store

Vans :)

I love the collar on this top :) 

A blurry photo with... IS THAT HARRY STYLES! (more deets below!)

Bought this gorgeous Roxy hoodie on a sale in town. I also bought some things from the Roxy website and the Hollister website, when they arrive they'll be featured in a future blog post!

My new phone cover, I love it!

The third book of the Divergent series *cries as I read it on Christmas Day*

The Sherlock series 1 & 2 box set, I watched all 6 episodes in a day and a half, it was beautiful, bring on New Years Day for season 3! 

The Giorgio Armani perfume my godmother got me, it smells delicious! 

A cute little tin with a lamb on it (I love lambs) 

I finally admitted to my parents that 1D  are my guilty pleasure and I got a calendar(calendars are my life)

Some of the books I got, excluding Allegiant and '''Switched'' by Amanda Hocking, which is SIGNED! :D Also seen here is my 1D album. 

I also got a HARRY Styles cardboard cut-out,so far he's been my favourite present as I place him in random places around the house and everyone (in particular my Mam) gets scared and terrified by him! Priceless!

Sadly I didn't get the chocolate fountain for Christmas, this was at my Aunt & Uncle's house with marshmallows you could dip, needless to say, my cousins and I all hung out here most of the time!

I did get other things for Christmas as well, (An awful lot of chocolate, which I decided not to post as I didn't want the entire world to see what will have gone through my digestive system in the next few days :D)

I also got a cute pencil case and stationery from Paperchase and a CHOCOLATE RECIPE BOOK aah, from which I've already made some recipes (hot chocolate which I posted on Instagram) 

I'd like to repeat that I'm not bragging about what I got, this was requested and is also part of the Christmas Bloggers Series. This blog post marks the end of the Christmas Bloggers series, I had a brilliant time participating and a huge thank you to Jane for organising the series! 

That's it from me, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and my other Christmas themed posts! A HUGE thank you to my parents, brother, friends and family for their simply AMAZING gifts, you are all far too kind and generous!

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless! 


  1. Love all the stuff you got and I love your jumper and vans! And you Harry Styles cut out is so cool :) Thanks for participating and the mention xx

    1. Ah thank you Jane! :D Penneys is just the best hehe, Harry is brilliant at scaring everyone in the house, I place him in random places around the house and he scares everyone :D xx


    1. AND I LAUGHED ALL NIGHT TO THE BEST COMMENT EVER aka this. Why thank you Grace :D

  3. You got some great things! Love the vans... very cute! :D

    1. Aw thank you, I love the Vans too ! :) I'll check out your blog :)

  4. Great stuff! The bow necklace is my favorite!

    1. Awh thank you! I love it too, I don't want to take it off haha:)


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