Thursday, 20 February 2014

February Favourites!

Hey Everyone!

I decided to do something slightly different on my blog and discuss my favourites from February so far. This may be incredibly random but this is TRLOA after all ;) Let's begin!

I recently bought Company magazine and I have to say I loved it! I don't usually read fashion magazines but I really enjoyed this issue. I haven't been reading magazines the past couple of months because I grew out of KISS magazine (a brilliant Irish mag) as I had read the magazine since the age of 11 until 17!

My Harry Styles cardboard cut-out! I got this ''ironically'' for Christmas and Harry always makes me laugh (and scares my family when I put him in weird places ie their rooms)

Costa recently opened down the road from me, needless to say, I love it! Mam was going shopping so I went to Costa, yum. 

These books literally just arrived this morning! I'm an avid reader and obsessed with history in school (It's kind of my best subject academically too) I watched a tv series called Band Of Brothers so I got some books about it !  

A cat on the farm .. I love his/her colouring (the cat ran away when I walked up to it)

A selfie after going to the Mart (where livestock are sold) I went with the calves which were all sold so I was sad.. :(

I'm a culchie so I wear wellies. I've been wearing wellies more than my shoes this week.. 

My laptop, headphones, Costa and Wi-Fi, what more can you ask for? :) 

 Source The
Arctic Monkeys at the BRITS awards last night. I adore their music and have been a fan for a long while. Congrats for sweeping the boards at the awards however I wasn't that impressed when Alex dropped the microphone. I felt his speech was very interesting but I thought it was slightly tasteless just dropping the mic like that. On the whole, I love their music and would love to see them when they come to Ireland in the summer! 

Again, talking about the BRIT awards, Dan Howell (danisnotonfire aka my idol) and Harry Styles of One Direction both wore the same Alexander McQueen shirt to the event last night! Dan along with Phil (amazingphil) hosted the livestream version of the awards on YouTube. I can't really decide who wore the shirt better, as they both decided to wear black blazers with the shirt! Let me know who you think wore it better and why! (I'm conflicted as I adore both Dan and Harry)

The 1975 ~ Girls
This is the song that's been stuck in my head for weeks! I have their self-titled album on repeat and I am just infatuated with their music (it started off with 'Chocolate' and subsequently escalated)

So they were my February Favourites! 
Expect another blog post at the weekend! :D
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!


  1. Haha I want a harry cut out! I love dan & harry so much and I think they both wore it well :)
    I love the arctic monkey's music a lot but I thought alex turner came off... a little bit pretentious? Idk it wasn't so much him dropping the mic, I thought that was kinda funny, but he sounded like a 'waffly' twat - it was awkward. But regardless I love their music. Oh and I'm loving the 1975 too!

    great post x

    1. The Harry cutout is slightly terrifying, especially at 2 am! Alex did come off a little pretentious I agree, I felt his speech was interesting with the reference to the ''cyclical'' part of music and how rock and roll always comes back but I felt he should have been more graceful and humble you know? :) Aw The 1975 <3 <3
      And thankies :D x


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