Sunday, 9 June 2013

Here Comes The Sun ! (Doo doo doo doo!)

Hey Everyone! Another week has come and gone! Time is flying by so far this Summer. The weather (speaking about the weather like a true Irish person) was exceptional this week, I was working for a few days but the days I wasn't, I was out basking in the sunshine. 

I'm sitting inside my room with all the windows open and as I type, I keep staring at my arms, I was outside on a sun lounger for a couple of hours and, being me, forgot to apply sun block. Good going Aveen. However, I'm not like the stereotypical Irish person, I actually tan, I rarely burn! I still felt very stupid wearing no sun block though, especially as I had a melanoma scare a couple of months ago, (it was only an infected scar but still, it caused great concern) So my arms are actually brown at the moment, and look quite dark in contrast to my turquoise duvet cover. 

I was mainly outside re-reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth and listening to the album 'Red' by Taylor Swift. Once I finished re-reading Insurgent and cried because Allegiant isn't being released until October, I came back inside to re-hydrate myself and begin this blog post, woohoo. 

Being honest, I didn't do very many interesting things at all this week. I was in work most days, I was off Wednesday so I went to a friends house and we all sang songs on the patio in the warm sunshine. I had a little bet with them too, three of them put on sun block, but I didn't, we all wanted to see if I would tan or burn sitting outside in sunlight for a couple of hours (my poor skin, I am so sorry) and I DIDN'T BURN. Such an amazing achievement (not) 

On Saturday & today I spent a lot of time outside. I've developed a love for Fall Out Boy too, their songs are amazing, Patrick Stump's vocal range is so wide, I'm so envious (says the one who can barely sing) I've also been on Tumblr a lot this week, I even changed my URL to awkward-aveen, because, well, I'm awkward. (I updated the link on the right hand side too, don't worry) (Aveen, who would worry over something like that?) No one. :)

This week will hopefully be a little more interesting, I'm getting my hair cut on Wednesday so I'll post a before and after photo for you all, along with my other adventures (should I actually have any!) 

Fall Out Boy ~ Young Volcanoes 
Bruno Mars ~ When I was Your Man
Fall Out Boy ~ My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
Paramore ~ Now
Daft Punk ~ Get Lucky (Ugh, it's stuck in my head, I heard it 5 times in the one day this week when I was in work, I started singing along which was embarrassing) 

Ways to procrastinate writing an update.. (This was yesterday btw)

My afternoon, sunglasses, Insurgent and my watch (didn't want to get white lines you know!)

Gazebo :)

My random view of the sky 
My tan? I've no life sorry guys. x x

Reading Insurgent ..

I kept taking photos to see if my skin was burning, something I'm intensely fearful of..

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Ps. I hope the weather is wonderful wherever you are! x


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  2. Awh that sunshine was good while it lasted! I was kind of working too so didn't have much time to get a tan :'( great bloIf you want to check out mine it's I love the post title by the way!

    1. Yep, it's miserable now! Aw thank you! :) Oh wow, your blog is amazing, congrats on being short listed for the Eircom Junior Spiders! :)


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