Saturday, 4 October 2014

My 18th Birthday and Reflection

Hey Everyone!

So last Friday (September 26th) was my 18th birthday! I'd like to say thank you to all my friends and family for their lovely cards, gifts, text messages, Facebook messages, tweets and lots more, you are all so thoughtful and brilliant.

I was in school on my birthday, double Maths is always fun when you turn 18. *intense sarcasm* However the day simply flew by, before I knew it I was in Spleodar with some of my friends all speaking Irish. It was my first week in charge as a cinnire so I was a little uneasy about being 'i gceannas' but it all went well and I got good advice too. If you don't learn something new every day then you clearly didn't have a good day!

Afterwards at home we had cake (which was scrumptious!) and I opened present from my family and friends. (If you're wondering, gifts from my parents were opened when I woke that morning!) Mam and Dad gave me an Orla Kiely handbag and some small presents which I appreciated as much as the handbag, lip glosses are life. Down below are some of the presents I was given.

*I'm not bragging by posting this blog post. I wouldn't call it a 'haul' like if I went shopping. Birthdays are different and I'm extremely grateful to all my family and friends for their cards and gifts, they're far too kind :)

On Saturday night I went to the Chinese with most of my friends and we all had a brilliant night filled with yummy food and of course, chocolate cake. I actually only took a few photos, which is very unusual for me, so they're down below too.

I must admit, it's slightly strange turning 18. In Ireland I am a fully fledged legal adult now and that's quite weird to think about and consider. The only ''adult'' thing I have done so far is buy some scratch cards, (with zero success) and walked around the alcohol section in Tesco thinking ''Muwahaha I don't feel awkward walking here now as I can legally buy anything I want.'' How weird indeed.

Photos From My Birthday!
Some of my birthday cards!

I adore this card my godmother made, I'm planning on framing it and hanging it on my bedroom wall.

The utterly gorgeous Orla Kiely bag my parents gave me, it's love. 

Taylor Swift perfume from my lovely cousins, thank you! :D 

Perfume from Grace. (I'm noticing a trend of perfume) Thank thee Grace! :D *Subtly wears it to school all week*

 A necklace from Topshop from Viv, thank you, it's so pretty. 

A bracelet my friend Emily gave me from Germany as she went on an exchange there and came back the day of my birthday! :) Thank you! :D

I bought myself another Orla Kiely bag after my birthday as they had special offers on them and well, you can never have enough handbags can you? ;)

A gorgeous notebook from Caítlín, thank you! :)  Notebooks are my life

My friend Robyn gave me this really pretty notebook which she covered herself. Thank you, it's so cute! :) 

Orla Kiely design. 

A take away coffee flask !

Saturday night!

Robyn & Maeve

Maeve & Caítlín 

Unfortunately I don't have many photos from my birthday dinner as I spent too much time chatting than taking photos. Yet I can't really complain about that either, it's nice living moments, not just capturing them on a camera. 

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx


  1. The photos are so good aah I was so original buying you perfume haha

    1. Thankies Grace, I love the perfume, I've been wearing it every day to school! :D I love getting perfumes seriously :D :D

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