Thursday, 11 July 2013

Life Lessons

Hey Everyone!

This is just an idea I concocted in work over the past few days and is similar to the trail of thought I've been thinking in the past few days. It's about what you can achieve with your life and how to make it happen, I think. I'm still not quite sure, but I have my earphones in listening to Paramore so it should be philosophical.

This very minute, the very second you're reading this seemingly useless and unimportant blogpost (which it probably is in the long run) could change your life for ever. In one split second, you can change everything, whether it's by wiping the slate clean or escalating further into an abyss of trouble (I don't know what you're all personally like but okay) but YOU can change your life path in mere seconds. It's all about decisions.

It's difficult trying to type exactly what has been reverberating in my head, into one clear linear line, apologies if any of this sounds disjointed, trust me it will be. I mean you can  do so many amazing things in your life, the possibilities are simply endless. You can get inspired or get depressed, it's your choice, ( that sounds so disgustingly blunt) you can ace a test or fail a class. It only takes a split second to change, possibly your entire existence, you're MEANING for an existence, everything you believed was important, your reasoning for your actions and life. Everything can be changed in the blink of an eye.

So basically, you can fall in love or fall in hate. That one little moment you look at someone can decide everything. You can either love that person, or hate them. A split second choice, a label even. (Another rant on labels is needed) That decides your entire relationship with that person, how you treat them, interact with them, everything. All because of that split second choice you made once you saw them.

You can speak the truth, or lie and cheat. Tell the truth, be accepting of the consequences, or lie and cheat, feeling the even deeper repercussions for doing such a thing. Lying and cheating really doesn't get you anywhere, especially at the expense of someone else. That one person then receives the treatment you should have received for lying, cheating and deceiving. All because of your one second decision, something can change your life or perhaps, most dangerously, the life of another person

Another huge thing I believe is trust. It's hard gained and so easily lost. You think you can know a person, however you can be so incredibly incorrect. That person you may have had trust in, can so easily lose/break that. It's scary really, how one little action can cause that loss. ONE action, one decision a person makes, can change their future regarding you for forever.

Life is crazy, I know that by now. I once said to my friend Thyra that, ''Life is a roller coaster, we shall scream the whole way through' but perhaps it is difficult to enjoy it constantly. I once believed that happiness in life was a destination, but, when I look back on everything, it's not. It's a way of travelling through your life. It's how you get through everything life puts you to the test on. To be honest, the only thing you can do is embrace life, it can be so difficult, especially when life puts you down. Especially when it's by a person, but you have to embrace the divine chaos that life can be. The more interesting and varied your life is, the more experiences you will have. The more lessons learnt, more methods with coping on those dark listless days. Ways to help you be happier in your journey that is your life. You only get one shot, it's up to you, to make it count.

Oh and, on another note. Be positive. Even in your darkest moments, think of something that you're looking forward to, even if it's a bar of chocolate or a programme on television. ANYTHING. To keep you focused on your life, and more importantly, not to end it.

This is what terrifies me most about life, how easy it is for your possible reasons of existence to alter themselves, it scares me endlessly.

Sorry for this random post, it's just been echoing in my head for days,
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless
Aveen xx 

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  1. This is a really inspiring post - and it makes so much sense! xxx

    1. Oh thank you! :) I just kind of wrote down what was going through my head the past week, oh thank god it makes sense! I was afraid I'd written utter gibberish! xxx


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