Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Room Redecoration !

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for being very quiet here and on other websites as of late. This is mainly due to preparing for going back to school and everything else life throws at me. However the main reason is that I recently got my room redecorated!

From previous blog posts and YouTube videos, you might know that my room used to be what I called, 'A Fandom Room' which was turquoise and covered in huge posters and quotes from every fandom known to man. (Including my favourite, the Phandom)

As I'm approaching my eighteenth birthday and being told how I'll be an adult (voting is probably one of the things I'm most excited for) I decided that my room should reflect how my life is going to be changing in the next year or two, ie Leaving Cert and college.

I really like my new room colour scheme, my room feels very peaceful and quiet. It feels like my place to just relax, except next week when I'm back in school! Here are some photos of my room, if you flick through previous blog post you'll see a dramatic difference in its appearance!

I will also be uploading a YouTube video of my room as well which you can view as soon as it's uploaded!


New duvet/pillow/curtains are from Arnotts. 

New canvas pictures! I bought them all in Dunnes Stores

Yes I bought the Dan Howell poster in Shout! I am such a fangirl..

Casual selfie..

New laptop, an Asus.

New mirror!

PS, Myself and Grace were in our local newspaper for being nominated in The Blog Awards Ireland! Click HERE to vote for 'The Random Life of Aveen' Voting closes on 18th September and you can vote once a week, thank you all for your support in this category and in other categories. It's been utterly surreal to have been nominated!

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx


  1. YOUR ROOM IS SO BEAUTIFUL D: And Dan makes it even more gorgeous ;) the photo from the paper hahahaha

    1. Aw thanks Grace! You should pop up some time before school starts again, I'd forgotten you hadn't seen it in the flesh yet! The Dan poster is literally my life I swear. The newspaper oh my god :D x

  2. Love the canvas pics and your room in general!



    1. Thanks Ellie! I followed your blog on BlogLovin', welcome to the Blogging World! Hope you enjoy the experience :D x


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