Sunday, 13 July 2014

''We Are Surrounded By All Of These Lies, And People Who Talk Too Much...''

Hey Everyone!

*Lyrics: Ed Sheeran ~ Tenerife Sea

Sorry that this blog post is a little late, I spent yesterday afternoon chilling with Grace of Dainty Sprinkles and also watching a GAA match which featured the Wexford (Yes I am a yellow belly!)

Grace and I met up in the afternoon and got the best creamy coolers in Costa (whilst half heartedly writing down video idea's in my blogging notebook) however we mainly spent the afternoon just chatting and catching up (mainly because I live like a hermit on the internet)

We went up ''The Pitch'' near my house. It's basically a green area with a goal post but isn't big enough to have two goals. However there was lots of pretty daisies and flowers so we took photos of them! We also took some outfit photos which made us feel extremely self-conscious as I have neighbours *shudders* Those photos will appear on Grace's blog soon.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to make any YouTube video's however we will be filming an AwkwardSprinkle's video or two very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

When Grace left, I started watching the hurling match on tv between Wexford and Clare. The previous week it led to a draw so this was a replay. Again, the match went into extra-time. Wexford isn't well known for being brilliant at GAA sports (except maybe camogie, the team won a few All-Ireland's a few years back) However the last time Wexford won an All-Ireland in hurling was in 1996. (I wasn't even born at the time! I was born like 3 weeks later)

So the match was vitally important and led to a lot of screaming and shouting and joy in my house and I'm sure a lot of other houses around the county. Well done to the lads, they were absolutely surreal and won in the end which was brilliant! I was tweeting frantically during the match so my Twitter is just a mess at the moment.

So that was about it for my week! I'm working in my summer job which is going well so I tend to do very little in the afternoons except maybe watch another series on Netflix, listen to music, read books, go on Tumblr or go on a Costa run (It's dangerous having Costa down the road I swear)

I'm also taking part in CollabSunflower!  Last week's theme was 'Questions' and you can read how we all interpreted the title, it's quite interesting! So check out the blog and give it a follow! :)

Photo's from my week!


Flowers near my house

Taking a photo of Grace taking a photo of me

Chocolate treats in the garden!

A VERY blurry photo!

One of my snapchats I sent after the match proudly wearing my jersey! 

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx


  1. Those photos are lovely (even the blurry one of you and grace)! I can't wait to see an #awkwardsprinkles (did I really just # that?-oh dear) video soon as you two are hilarious together, nor can I wait to see the outfit shots! lauryn x

    1. Aw thank you! Don't worry about the # haha, I keep saying it too! :) When I was in the Gaeltacht we learnt the Irish for '#' so I keep saying the Irish version, oops. I can't wait to film a few videos, I've been very quiet on YouTube and other websites since I've been back :) x

  2. WHEN THIS CAME UP ON MY DASHBOARD I WAS LIKE "SHITTTT AVEEN'S POST IS ALREADY UP AND I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED LOLOL WELL I'M SCREWED". The daisy photos are amazing omigod they look even better on computer screens ! State of me though O.o and ALLLL THE FOOOD thank you for the food again :D ok I should shut up now bye

    1. Be grand! I was slightly bored yesterday afternoon after all the drama's ;) So I decided to write a blog post! :D I'm delighted with how the daisy photos ended up, my like 5 year old camera doesn't seem to be too bad wahey. No problem about the food, it was fabulous. I should probably shut up now as well, slán!

  3. I love the daisy photos, they're so pretty! I wish I had costa down the road, although I'd probably spend a fortune!! :)
    Maddie x

    1. Thanks Maddie! It's quite dangerous having Costa down the road, if I'm bored I think to myself, ''I could always meet up with someone in Costa and drink a huge latté or frappé'' I'm dreading when I'm in exams next year and I'll probably run into Costa to relieve the stress! :D

  4. I found your blog through Grace's, and it's just lovely! I wish I had a Costa nearby but I live in the back end of nowhere - I would end up spending ridiculous amounts of money on iced lattes, though! I'm so glad your team won - it's always the best feeling, right? Love love love those daisies - they're just about the only flowers my hayfever can tolerate, haha!

    Jess x
    Gingerly Pale | Northern Irish Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you! :) Yeah it's an amazing feeling, Wexford hasn't won anything major for the past decade, it was so strange reading the sports reports in the national paper praising the team (and praising one lad who was in my school, even weirder!) I've hayfever too, it's horrible isn't it? I take some meds for it and it doesn't bother me too much thankfully :) x


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