Thursday, 3 July 2014

I Had A Dream So Big And Loud, I Jumped So High I Touched The Clouds..

Hey Everyone!

I'm home nearly a week and realised I've been very quiet in the blogging world so I've made a resolution with myself to try post more often this Summer, as I'll be really busy with school work and the Leaving Cert from September (boo!) For the time being however, I'm making an effort to post with good content as regularly as possible.

I guess this blog post could be considered a ''My Week In Photos'' as it's quite photo heavy.  Here goes!

When I came back from the Gaeltacht, my parents surprised me with a new pair of Converse! I thought it was an interesting colour, green, as I was just back from the Gaeltacht. They're really comfortable and stand out when I wear them with my black jeans. 

This is my ''Fainne''' which is the Irish for 'ring' I got this ring in the Gaeltacht and when you wear it, people know they have the option of speaking to you in Irish too. I'm going to start wearing it out and about and see if anyone starts speaking to me in Irish!

A random selfie on my day off. I didn't straighten my hair, this was the result.

The John Green book shrine. My room is still a mess so there's lots of random things on the shrine (and TFIOS & LFA are missing as well as I'm reading LFA and a friend has TFIOS)

I went to see Mrs. Brown's Boys with my family and it was hilarious. One of the actors in the film was even in the same screening (he left at the VERY very end to avoid everyone, comical)

I got this cute tin in the shopping centre. I loved the red and white stripes and the retro feel of the tin. 

I'm re-reading Looking For Alaska. I actually finished it today and still got a little emotional even though I've read it before. 

That's about it from me, I'll hopefully be doing some fun and interesting things in the next couple of weeks. Might even film a YouTube video or two if I get the time!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

* lyrics, American Authors ~ Best Day Of My Life

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