Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bubbles And Flashbacks

Hey Everyone!

This week was what can only be described as an insane week. Today of course is Sunday and it's rare when I can't recall the previous Monday and week.

I decided that this week I wouldn't use a song lyric as my blog post title, so I chose two things that have been quite prominent in my week this week, bubbles and flashbacks. That does sound slightly weird, however it is easily explained.

Bubbles. It was the lovely Grace's birthday on Wednesday and her birthday party on Friday. As a surprise, Chyan and I organised to bring in bubbles that day to surprise her! The bubbles were such a hit with everyone else that I was asked (forced is another adjective I'd use) to bring the bubbles to Grace's house on Friday. All seven of us spent a multitude of hours simply blowing bubbles in Grace's room. (Sorry about the floor)

We had a brilliant night so a huge thank you is in order for Grace! We all had a brilliant time, especially watching Gossip Girl and telling stories from my trip to Galway, sorry if I slightly traumatised you all about the time when I was pushed off one of the cliff edges..

Another thing that has been playing on my mind is, flashbacks. This one is slightly more difficult to describe in a few words or even paragraphs. This mainly occurred this week as I had to write an essay/speech for English about ''A speech we would give at our graduation from school'' The title really had me thinking.

We all have random flashbacks and recollections to our past, even something insignificant that happened earlier that day, I've noticed I've been having a lot of flashbacks, both positive and negative. I try to stop myself having flashbacks, especially at the horrid and dreaded hour of 4 am.

You may be wondering what my mind thinks of in my 'flashbacks' well, it's flashes of memories from my childhood and early years as a teenager really. One minute it could be a happy memory from age eleven, the next, a memory of crying in the playground as I'd been chased by girls in my class screaming profanities of how I'd never amount to anything.

But this is not what this blog post is about. As I wrote in the essay/speech, ''Don't let your past steal your future'' I'll let them wonder how I got this far, I'm wondering that myself, but I'm still travelling towards bigger and better things.

My Week In Photos

A random selfie before going to Grace's party 

With Aisling & Vivien !

'All of them' 

Selfie with Viv 

Casual selfie with Aisling

A 'very good' selfie with Grace

That's about it from me this week, check out my very first beauty haul here! 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!




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