Saturday, 5 April 2014

OOTD - Divergent with Dainty Sprinkles!

Hey Everyone!

I am literally just back from the cinema after seeing Divergent with my friend Grace from Dainty Sprinkles! The weather wasn't too great however we meet up at the cinema so it was grand.

We arrived in the screening room literally as soon as the film started, due to the darkness we couldn't see a thing! I think both of us nearly sat on someone or their drink, I'm not quite sure but to whoever it was, sorry!

The film itself was brilliant. I read Divergent & Insurgent during Christmas 2012 (after being HEAVILY recommended by my lovely godmother the previous summer, thank you!) I instantly fell in the love with the trilogy, waiting impatiently as Allegiant was released a year later.

I felt that the film was very good, however the character development of some characters wasn't that great, I won't spoil much but I very much enjoyed it, it was a brilliant way to spend a damp and rainy Saturday afternoon! Also, two words, Theo James. I really think that Theo is a flawless embodiment of Four, he was absolutely perfect for the role, I'm looking forward to seeing him again in the adaptation of Insurgent.

So I decided to post an OOTD of what I wore! (Sorry if I'm standing awkwardly, I have blisters at the moment from another set of my Converse, never wear high tops when walking all over town! So I am currently limping at the moment, fun)

*The weather wasn't great outside so I had to take my photos in my room, I'm 5'8 and my tripod could barely fit me into the entire photo, oops...

Top/hoodie: Roxy
Jeans: Primark/Penneys
Shoes: Converse 
Hair Clip:  Pulse Accessories 

Hope you enjoyed my slightly random OOTD, as you can probably tell, I love the colour turquoise! I really like this hoody, it's so warm and cosy!
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx


    And Theo James was flawless as Four and flawless in general omigod :')

    1. Theo James is a flawless specimen of human perfection ! :D xx

  2. I saw Divergent last weekend I believe. OMG! It was great! I didn't read the books, but I really enjoyed the movie. I also completely agree with you on Theo James. He's beyond perfect! Great post! xx

    1. Yeah I think the film was released later here :( It was released on Friday. Theo James was just fab wasn't he? I'd definitely recommend to read the books, they're so well written. :) And thank youu!


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