Sunday, 16 June 2013

Majestical summer adventures.....!!!

Hey Everyone! 

Long time no update! (6 days, the HORROR!) I definitely think ''The Quickening'' is upon us. Seems like only yesterday I was typing about sitting in the garden getting a tan and sobbing over Allegiant! So, now it's time to tell all you lovely people about the past week! 

So I was up to my usual activities this week, being the typical procrastinating perfectionist I am. On Monday I went to my friends house to sing songs and rehearse for a competition we had coming up. We were meant to be singing ''Some Nights'' by Fun, which i really enjoyed. To rehearse I had to leave work on time at 5 instead of doing overtime as usual. On Thursday I received a text saying ''Practice cancelled, call me when you can'' I discovered that the competition we were entering was CANCELLED. All our hard work was for nothing. Being honest, i was actually kind of relieved. I was terrified about singing on stage, I even had some solo lines, which I was terrified about. The girls found it strange that I could speak aloud with confidence but would only sing loudly if coaxed to. To be honest, I use my voice to speak, to make a point, debate and for knowledge. Never for singing! So it was something different and slightly terrifying for me.

 I was working for the majority of the week which was fine. On Wednesday, I had the day off so I went to get my hair cut, seeing as I haven't had it cut since I went to London in March! The hairdresser was great, as always and cut nearly 2 inches off my hair! The most I've ever had cut off, like ever! (Before and after photos posted below!) but I was happy she cut off so much, the ends were becoming a little raggy. I actually have quite thick hair so she had to thin my hair out a little too. I was happy with the result, she even french plaited the fringe section for me. 

I had Saturday off from work so I went shopping in a shopping centre in Dublin with my parents, it was really good, especially because I was using my own money which I felt extremely proud of! (Sorry bank account) I'll be posting another update about what I bought and did that day for all you fashionista's! 

So today is Sunday, I got up late and went down the town with my Mam. I bought myself a new book too, it's written by an author I quite like, Sophie Kinsella. The book is called ''I've got your number'' I've read her Shopaholic series which I simply devoured! So I'm excited to be reading her latest book, she always make me laugh! I visited my Nana today too, she's 91 and absolutely adorable. To be honest, she was asleep the majority of the time I was there so I went on Facebook and chatted to my aunt too. (Grace and I had a very interesting conversation on FB while I was there!) I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 92! ;) 

As I'm constantly on the internet, I was on YouTube and saw a youtuber I like called Alex Day had uploaded a video called ''Big girls in costumes'' I watched the entire video and to be honest, I know he was using satire, I was kind of offended. I'm not the skinniest girl or the fattest girl ever but I felt a little upset that in this day and age people still say comments and judge people based on their weight. This video has caused such outrage on YouTube, Alex had to make it unlisted and wrote a full explanation on Tumblr about it. Still, I'm offended from it. I take jokes quite easily and love a laugh (in work I'm called the posh kid and I find it hilarious and speak in a posh accent for the craic too) but weight is a sensitive topic in this day and age, with rising numbers of teenage girls (and boys) being diagnosed with anorexia and other illnesses along with all the body bashing our generation does to each other, it was a bad topic to be satirical about. I was a little disappointed and I thought of the video constantly on Saturday when I was buying a dress to wear to my cousins wedding, seeing as I might be ''too big'' for certain styles according to others. 
 * I felt that that kind of needed to be addressed as it's something I've been thinking of constantly since I first watched it.

Playlist for this blog
Muse ~ Undisclosed Desires
The Killers ~ Mr Brightside
Macklemore ~ Can't Hold Us
Daft Punk ~ Get Lucky (stuck in my head at the moment!)
Robin Thicke ~ Blurred Lines
Fall Out Boy ~ Thanks For The Memories

Some photos from my week!

An awkward selfie I posted on Instagram and got 32 likes? 

New haircut! (After)

The new book I bought, review soon!

My new lock screen. I chose it because I always laugh when I see it

A quote I saw during the week and thought it was beautful

I was in Starbucks and thought this was hilarious. Oh Beliebers..

Another book I was reading earlier in the week. I've read it so many times, it's become practically torn.. :(

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Don't let anyone get you down about yourself, it's not worth it. If someone judges you, it doesn't define you, it defines who they are. 


  1. I love that quote, I'd never come across it before1 I'm also an Irish blogger, I get too excited when I find others hahah! Lovely blog x

    1. The quote about not letting anyone getting you down? I kind of made it up! It's something that I have really thought about in the past few weeks! Awh thank you, I really like your blog too, followed you back x

  2. Love your blog! Do you have a follow button?

    1. Found it , iti wasnt coming up on my ipad :D


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