Sunday, 30 June 2013

Day 2! What Kind Of Person Attracts You!

Woo, it's Day 2! This one is a little more tricky than a Zodiac sign. I feel it's open to a lot of interpretation, there are possibly many types of attraction. ''What kind of person attracts you?''
1. Could it be what kind of person you like/fancy?
2 Could it be in social circles and your friends, what about them attracts you to be their friend? Like similiar interests etc.
 Just to be random, I'll write about both. It's not as though I have anything else to do... ;) (I'm actually typing this and watching a Gaelic Football match! My home county is playing in this one!)

What Kind of Person Attracts You: Part One.

What kind of person attracts me. Well, this is one is going to be difficult! I'm not going to lie, random things attract me about a person. I love watching Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) on YouTube, his video's are just hilarious. They're so full of life and are just comical. I feel bad laughing at the many, many, many mistakes Dan has/had made in his life. The video's really cheer me up. What attracts me to him is his sarcasm, humour, accent (I don't know, I just love it) and of course HIS HAIR. I sound so shallow there it's not even funny.

It's the same with most other YouTubers I watch, AmazingPhil ~ I adore his innocence and how lovely he is in his video's.I'd comment on more YouTuber's but I watch nearly too many!

To avoid awkward conversations when I go back to school, I WONT comment on people who attract me in my own life. I know some people who know me read this, and it would be weird for them to find out via my blog about the lads who I like/fancy in school. (Please don't write any names in the comments!) Sorry to spoil that for you all, however I hope you all understand why I won't post any! (There are several names I would list if I could!) ;)

What Kind Of Person Attracts You: Part Two.

This part is about social circles and friends. Mainly about what attracts/entices you into being friends with certain people. Well, at least why I think it happens.

First of all, it's obviously similar interests, perhaps books, music and sport. I have a lot of friends from my badminton club, some are nearly 20 and some are 13! Big age difference but I'm still friends with all of them. So I met those friends through a similar interest I guess.

Another way to meet new friends is obviously through school. It's where most people meet their friends. Last year as some of you may know, I was in TY or Transition Year, it was mainly a ''gap'' year as such before Leaving Cert. So I made lots of new friends through things I did during TY. I was thinking about it recently, how my social circle of friends is COMPLETELY different to one I was in after Third Year. I have more in common with my friends now and we are all of a similar mindset which attracted us all to being friends.

So that was a very random blog post about attraction!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

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  1. This was very interesting! And yes I completely agree its very hard to define x


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