Thursday, 3 October 2013

Procrastinating in Class

Hey Everyone!

So this is a little extra blog post about The Life Of Me. At this moment I'm sitting in a computers/study class with my friends. Despite being in 5th Year, I actually have very little homework so far.

I guess this is because I just had a free maths class (supervised by my English teacher, awkwardly enough) and finished my homework there. So I'm sitting here, the class as quiet as a mouse, typing my thoughts silently. I'm tired and exhausted from school and work obviously, however it's only 20 minutes until lunchtime.

After lunch I have another study class, then Irish. I like Thursday's only because of the two study classes to be honest. What will I do during study? Who knows! I have some German homework and business homework to do. I'm also reading the third book in the series of 'Noughts and Crosses'' by Malorie Blackman. I've barely read 50 pages, at this early stage I can tell it's going to join my ever growing list of favourite dystopian books. I'd definitely recommend reading them. (I was not paid or sponsored to say that, just so you know. I literally just adore literature and reading. Oh well. BUT, if anyone did want to sponsor me to advertise their products, just email me *giggles nervously*

I'm typing slowly at the moment because the teacher is staring at the screen. He must think I'm absolutely bonkers! For ever in a crowd, alone but not lonely. That saying keeps echoing in my brain all the time, I have absolutely no idea why. It must be credible and true for it to be echoing and bouncing all along my brain like an ever constant buzzing or ticking noise.

11 minutes left. I guess I should probably wrap up this very impromptu and unplanned blog post before it gets even more weird, and not in a good way.

I guess I'll see you all when I see you.
I'm going somewhere interesting on Saturday which I'll be telling you all more about on Sunday hopefully!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless.
Aveen xx


  1. YOU'S GET STUDY CLASSES :O But then again you's do only have seven subjects ! The teachers will begin blocking Blogspot on the computers haha xx

    1. Yup! I've three study classes per week this year, two on a Thursday! :D Seven subjects but I've learnt more in the past month than I did in the JC oops. In a room in 4 (wont name it) writing blog posts is blocked! :O xx


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