Thursday, 25 April 2013

Another majestical week.

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Hello, Dia Dhuit, Hallo, Ciao, Bonjour etc. :)

So, as you might tell, I've really gotten into the habit of updating my blog every single week. So far, I'm really enjoying it. I started this blog in 2011 and, seeing as I was around 14; my vocabulary, depth of knowledge and also ability to write about one topic for several pages, was quite small.

My very first blog post didn't even have a proper title. It was just the first line from the blog. It was barely a paragraph and I felt that it went on for pages. Well, it's probably because I was such a slow typer. 

However, I want to tell you all about my week this week, (with pictures, woo!)

On Monday, I wasn't in classes as the Cycle against Suicide event was being held in the school. We painted a poster, well I didn't, Maeve who's artistic did, we all just watched.

 We were given permission to use the art room and we were just closing the classroom door, well, it slammed actually and eh, how do I say this? 
THE FIRE ALARM WENT OFF. Yes, the alarm went off as soon as we closed the door. Not just the usual fire alarm. A huge whirring, speeding and noisy alarm. Usually, everyone in school ignores the alarm, we'll probably all burn to death if there ever was a fire, but this time, people actually evacuated to the safety check points. 

Our principal went on the intercom, practically screaming ''FALSE ALARM DO NOT EVACUATE, FALSE ALARM, DO NOT EVACUATE'' it was reminiscent of the messages the previous principal would announce. The Vice-Principal then came running into the art room, we were still painting the canvas, trying to be calm and not become permanently deaf, shouting ''THE DISTRESS ALARM CAME FROM IN HERE'' 

We were sitting there and staring, saying ''Sir, we've just been sitting here painting'' so he ran off again. The alarm was going off nearly consistently for nearly 20 minutes. 

To top things off, there was Junior Cert home ec practicals, Leaving Cert orals and also Leaving Cert music practicals. So it wasn't really that good. 

However, the Cycle against Suicide, was excellent! We were student leaders and met many well known people, Jim Breen, Colm Hayes (they both remembered us, I think it was the hoodies!) Roz Purcell, Paul McGrath, PJ Gallagher, Anne Doyle and lots of the cyclists!

There was several speakers, all of whom were simply brilliant. The entertainment was by students of our school and really impressed everyone. 

On Tuesday, an article I wrote about when we were in the Radio Studio's was published in our local newspaper, it even included a photo of us 'jumping 4 joy' with Jim Breen, (man behind Cycle against Suicide)

But seriously, if you're in Ireland and see the cyclists, salute them and give them a round of applause, they are doing it for such a great cause. Together, shoulder to shoulder, we can break the cycle of suicide. 

A photo of us all in the Gym (the painting in the background is the one we painted during the fire alarm)

Maeve and Caitlin with Roz Purcell, an Irish model!

Project Smilier with Anne Doyle, an RTE news-reader!

The poster we painted!

Caitlin and Maeve dancing on one of the benches !

Alice from the Colm Hayes show, Roz Purcell and the comedian, PJ Gallagher!

A photo taken by Joe Dixon of the crowd, comment if you can find me in it! (It's like Where's Wally xD)

So that's it for another week everyone, I'll put links to all the relevant places below! 

Stay strong, fearless and you,
Aveen xx

Cycle against Suicide Twitter
JDPhotography (Joe Dixon)
Cycle against Suicide website

PS, I've just checked, I've gotten over 1100 views! Thank you all so much, asdfghjkl. xx

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  1. The fire alarm has left us all impartially deaf -_- :(


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