Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Easter, Tumblr, YouTube, Scrapbooks etc..

Just thought I'd update you all on my life this week. 

So since I came back from London over a week ago, I've, in a nutshell, done nothing. I've slept until midday, watched The Walking Dead, read books and fangirled on Tumblr over Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Divergent filming, Princess Theo, Mishapocalypse's, TFIOS, Ed Sheeran and THG. 

I've also discovered you can NEVER read Danisnotonfire fic's at 1am. The horrendous storylines, grammar and punctuation just give me nightmares. Also, Tumblr in general just gets me extremely giddy and hyper, not the best way to fall asleep.

So I'm typing all this madness, on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (listening to 'If I Die Young' by The Band Perry if anyone's interested) and looking up at Doctor Who on the television (The Bells of Saint John, watched it twice so far) 

I've also been doing my scrapbook for TY. It's a nightmare, you have to mention everything's that's happened in TY all year. I eventually got up to date, last week I was doing the NUI Maynooth page. I came 4th in the NUI Maynooth Mandate for a better Ireland competition in the cyber-bullying section. Only the top 3 were given awards, sob! I still was inspired by the speakers at the ceremony, Joan Burton TD and Legal Editor for the Irish Indepedent, Dearbhail McDonald. They were both excellent, and were so nice and kind. 

This afternoon I was starting my London page, so I've finally caught up! *Party time* I'm including all my Tube tickets, photos and even plane tickets (teachers love when you include all that sort of stuff in the scrapbook) 

On Easter Monday I was also entertaining children at my cousins birthday party, (he was one!, awwh!) the next day my aunt texted my Mam saying 'You should be so proud, Aveen will make a fantastic teacher'' because I kept all the children under control, happy and entertained for several hours. 

Hearing my aunt say that about me, made me feel so happy, it's nice to hear good things about me instead of the blatant lies and deceit I hear usually. It's nice to be appreciated. 

Sorry, I kind of disappeared, my neighbours visited, and left me an Easter egg?! GOOD TIMES :)

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