Friday, 29 March 2013

Found this in my drafts...

I found this in my drafts in my blogs, thought I might as well post it.

So I was walking into school today and directly outside the entrance to the school there is a pedestrian crossing where nearly everyone crosses because, well it's safe. Mam dropped me off and I walked over to the crossing, looking left and right for any near-by cars, but there wasn't any. I proceeded to walk and waved to my Mam sitting in the car, stopped at the crossing, allowing me to pass. I turned my head to look at the left hand side, and a red car came charging down from the nearby roundabout, not even noticing me. I stared in horror, thankfully the driver finally noticed me there, in the middle of the crossing, and she braked hard, brakes squealing, inches away from my leg. 

In the mere seconds this occurred, I'm going to be honest, I thought I was going to die. I believed it was the end, I was nearly imagining the headlines in the local paper the following Tuesday. I really did think my life was over, my life flashed before my eyes, images of my childhood, life and my loved ones flooded into head. For some reason it was only people I loved who flooded into my head, my parents, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles and all my friends. Every face, just a flash, but I saw every one of them clearly. No people who hate me or have hurt me in my life flashed before my eyes. It was quite frightening when I think of it. Thankfully the car stopped, taking with it one of my 9 lives. I starred at the driver, speechless. I ran into the school car park with my breath in my fist. I soon realised my life could have ended in a split second. I felt so vulnerable.

Don't waste your life, don't let your bright future be cut short so suddenly. 

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