Saturday, 6 April 2013

Majestical Adventures

So today, Project Smilier went to RTÉ Radio Studio's to pre-record an interview for Cycle Against Suicide. We're helping them and the cyclists (the cycle is a 14 day trip all over Ireland) will stop at our school as one of the main stops. So seven of the group went up and we discovered that other schools from Dublin, Cavan, Galway and all over Ireland were there, in total there were over 30 Transition Year students running amok around RTÉ!

We were given a tour of the radio studios for 2fm, Radio 1 etc. Dave Fanning was live and we all went in and talked to him (My Dad was listening in and heard us!) We also saw Marian Finucane presenting live (her show is very serious so we weren't allowed in)

We watched some moving videos that will be shown throughout Ireland on the cycle. They nearly had us all in tears, it really hit home how serious an issue suicide is and how we have to break the cycle of suicide. We met another radio presenter, Colm Hayes who is taking part in the cycle. He loved our apple green hoodies we wore, Project Smilier stood out instantly!

Afterwards we were led to a large studio and began recording. There were 4 speakers, one in particular, Rob, has us in tears after his story. We were all emotional wrecks! Soon afterwards, we began a discussion (being recorded obviously!) about young people and our futures prospects, emigration and more.

Somehow, we got onto the subjects of cyber-bullying. Colm asked who has been cyber-bullied. I was sitting in the front row with my friend Maeve. I raised my hand. They pounced on me. Colm asked me about my experiences, and I recalled some incidents and things from First and Second Year, how I received abusive messages from people. I mentioned how I went to my parents and Year Head and it was all sorted.

I spoke of the fear. The fear I would be bullied again, it lurks like a bad smell. You're always scared it will happen again, I spoke of how I used to avoid the perpetrators. But, I'm scared. I'm scared I said too much on the radio.

I know I might be edited out, but that's highly unlikely as afterwards Colm went over to me and said well done for speaking out against cyber-bullying and they weren't expecting anyone to say anything. Subsequently we all spoke to him about our project, gave him one of our YANA wristbands and even got him to jump for joy!

We toured the Fair City set (It's tiny!) and some other television studios. We all left around 3, after being given RTÉ goodie bags and after having a photo taken with Colm in the studio he regularly presents from.

It was an excellent day and we really got Project Smilier out there. But I'm still afraid of what they'll edit me as saying. I saw a quote after the show that read, '' A wolf doesn't lost sleep over the opinion of sheep''  I think that basically sums it all up!
A photo of all of us with Colm Hayes (I'm the tall awkward girl on the far right with 'A.K' on the jumper)

Us in RTÉ Radio Offices sitting on someone's desk!

Colm ''jumping for joy!'' off the steps at the Radio Centre! 

Have fun reading, I really appreciate you all viewing my blog! Comment and follow me if you wish, it would make my day! :) 

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