Friday, 29 March 2013


Hey Everyone, 
                     So I'm sitting here in my room listening to The Coronas 'Closer to You' (They're Irish, seriously check them out, you wont regret it)I came back from London on Monday night/Tuesday morning and wow, I am definitely going back as soon as I can. It was such an enriching experience and I adored every minute of the trip. I took nearly 300 photos, nearly 100 a day! Wow. There's some photos down at the bottom. I'll tell you a little bit about the trip.

Day One: We flew to Gatwick and landed in snow at around 9am or so, subsequently we travelled to the city and had a little tour and learnt some of the background of London. We also visited the Churchill War Rooms and Churchill Museum. When I was a child I remember reading a ''Horrible Histories'' book about Churchill, (yes, I was/am a complete bookworm) so I knew basically the majority of the background information so I loved it.

Afterwards we went on the London Eye. I have an absurd fear of heights, and I didn't want my fear to get in the way of enjoying the Eye, (silly I know, but I'm just like that) and I loved it. I didn't even notice we were moving. An entire circle took half an hour but it was the fastest half hour of my life. 

Day Two: Next day it was still snowing, quite heavily too, so we went on the Grim Reaper walking tour and learnt about Jack the Ripper and the history of the East End. It was so fascinating and intriguing, turns out Jack the Ripper was possibly left handed, because of the way he slashed their necks, don't turn and look at me! (Yes, I'm left handed, little useless fact for you there)

We didn't get any lunch afterwards though, because one lad on the trip wanted to buy a HAT, and got lost, leaving us running all over the place and waiting in the freezing cold for a HAT. Needless to say, seeing as I missed my Starbucks, I was so not impressed.

Afterwards we went on HMS Belfast though and I loved it. I got a little creeped out though when I saw the pillars that said ''asbestos present'' and they couldn't be removed without further spreading of asbestos or other complications. Apart from that it was great and I even got an idea for my Leaving Cert History project on the boat! Woo! 

We then got the Tube (I didn't go missing!) and went to the West End for Stomp (which was UH-MAY-ZING, amazing) We then went around Piccadilly Circus, Great Britannia, fangirled outside Kensington Palace, (didn't see Will & Kate..) 

Day 3: We went to the Jewish Museum in Camden, it was so emotional and a real eye opener, it wasn't as sad as when I went to Auschwitz last year but it was high on my sadness scale. Afterwards we went to Westfield and looked at Olympic Park from John Lewis, then SHOPPING! I bought a pair of red Vans and a t shirt and hoodie in Hollister. It was my first time in Hollister, (In Dundrum the queues are endless) but in London, we just walked in! We then flew home from Gatwick and I fell asleep 'til now! (Not really but close enough) 

Siobhan and I on the London Eye (Siobhan's blog is  check it out)

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben!

Liv & I across from Buckingham Palace

Siobhan & I in the Churchill Museum 

All the TY's who went on the trip, except Billy.. 


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