Wednesday, 8 February 2017

New Semester and RAG week

A new semester in college brings with it new chances and opportunities for spontaneity, giddiness, friendship and laughter. I say it's a new semester but it's the start of Week Three already so my time to call it a new semester is waning rapidly. No time like the present as they say.

What have I been up to since returning to college after Christmas? Well I had a good catch up with the girls in the apartment, attended all lectures and tutorials, did all coursework relevant each week and I suppose I possibly, probably, maybe went out a couple of nights each week. Let's just say my Snapchat story on Monday and Thursday nights can be questionable, weird and possibly funny. (Add awkwardaveen if you think you can handle the weirdness).

Between predrinks, booking taxis, dancing in the nightclubs and craving Supermacs afterwards, I've had brilliant nights out in Limerick this semester and with RAG week, I can assume it'll continue this way. For now, here's some photos from my nights out. These are the ones that were saved to my Snapchat, who only knows what the unsaved photographs were like!

A selection of photos are taken straight from my Instagram or from my Snapchat story as well as some 'never seen' photos.

It's quite early in the semester so I imagine that in a couple of weeks, there will be less nights out and more of a start on completing assignments. Myself and the girls are making the most of the precious spare time we currently have until this happens.

When is your college's RAG week? Have they any exciting line ups announced? Tweet me or send a snap! 

Aveen x


  1. I've missed your posts, Aveen! Glad to hear all is well! Looking forward to your next blog post. xo

  2. You definitely have to make sure of the start of the semester for going out and having fun! I know it doesn't last long enough... <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. *make use of* I hate that you can't edit comments!

    2. *make use of* I hate that you can't edit comments!


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