Tuesday, 2 December 2014

''I'm Not Too Sure What I've Become, But I Tried As Hard As Anyone''

Hey Everyone!

I guess I'm back posting on my blog. The past couple of weeks have been difficult to say the least. On the 19th of November (yes that long ago!) I fell ill and it steadily went downhill from there. We think that the illness affected me more than it should have due to my weakened immune system due to overworking. I ended up with the awful 'flu virus' that's going around.

My symptoms were quite awful really. Soaring temperatures, a sore throat, aches and pains all over, along with my favourite of all and the symptom which kept me down for so long, fatigue. We all say we're exhausted after a long, difficult day in school or work, but nothing compares to the fatigue I experienced. (As I'm usually the one saying I'm tired)

Getting from my room to the sitting room was like climbing a mountain every day. I missed a lot of days of school and after various trips to the doctors and various medical certificates, I was told that I was to rest, and under no circumstances try do any homework or study. (Bear in mind this was the Saturday and I had my locker keys in my handbag to go get books from my locker to catch up on my missed work.) So for the past week and more I've been doing very little. I mainly stayed in bed watching Game of Thrones, as I was too exhausted to do anything. (I was half-way through Season 1 before I started, now I'm half way through Season 3, oops)

Yesterday (December 1st) and today I've started leaving the house! Today I think truly marks my 'recovery' as I look and feel much more alert and energised. My Mam politely told me that for the past couple of weeks I'd looked ''as if you'd been embalmed'' ie in a coffin with a waxy complexion.  I frightened myself a lot looking in the mirror as, my normally tanned/darkish face, was as white as a sheet and looked waxy with illness.

I've missed Christmas exams, an absolute rarity for me. I've never missed a test in my life. Yet, I'm grateful this illness struck now instead of during my mocks or even my Leaving Cert. When I think of it, I had been working far too hard and had been stressing myself far, far too much than I should have. This has definitely been a learning experience that I shouldn't be overworking myself with school work, I need some 'me' time once in a while. And to take regular breaks and try avoid doing over 8 hours of homework and study over the weekend (That was over two days by the way) So I'm going to tone it down a little, or at least make sure I take regular breaks, exercise and get enough sleep (something I hadn't in a while)

My lesson that I learned? To take care of myself better. To try stop stressing over every little thing in my life, get more sleep and set out time for myself and try take more regular breaks from the books. The Leaving Cert is a marathon, not a sprint. All of us students need to take care of ourselves and try living instead of existing. This year has/is been tough, but I'm determined to finish with flying colours.

Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx

*Lyrics The Coronas ~ The Long Way.

Ps Happy 21st Birthday to my brother, enjoy the day! :D


  1. I'm glad you're well and back to blogging Aveen!
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you Frances! I'm delighted to be back too :D

  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster award heres the link! :-) http://simplycharleen.blogspot.ie/2014/12/the-liebster-award.html#more


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