Sunday, 31 August 2014

Stay Free, Don’t Go Cause We Don’t Need No Shows''

Hey Everyone!

If you can read this it means I've survived my first week as a Sixth Year student! I went back on Wednesday morning with my blazer, new school bag and a knot of nerves and anxious feelings in my stomach.

It was slightly strange going back to school for the last time, it felt much more real when I realised that the day was my last ever 'back to school day' in secondary school. We got our timetables sorted and had Assembly which was littered with the words, ''Leaving Cert,'' ''Achieve your potential,'' ''Results day'' and ''Points'' at approximate 30 second intervals. As you can imagine my back to school nerves just increased tenfold during all that. (Not fun but I feel most of the year all needed that little DMC)

I have some different teachers this year but most of them are the same. In all honesty by the end of the first day, it felt as if I never even left the school for 3 months for summer. Slightly sickening however I'm glad with how smoothly I've adjusted to going back to school.

I don't really want to talk too much about school in this blog post. A main reason for this is that a lot more people from my school now know about The Random Life of Aveen. It has made me feel much more conscious about what I type here. At first this was a place where I could write quite freely, however now I think that certain topics are either censored or an absolute 'no-go' zone.

It's a little weird to say but two of my teachers mentioned my blog to me during the week. One of my teachers saw me in the corridor saying that they saw the article of Grace and I in the local paper and congratulated me for it. Another mentioned it in class time and wrote down on the white board what website to vote for me for 'Best Blog Post' in the Blog Awards Ireland was and made everyone in the class write it down in their journal. (My face turned beetroot red in all of this but I genuinely appreciate the gesture)  If you're curious about what the competition is, the link is here.

 I wouldn't go as far as to say I feel restrained in what I can say or discuss here, yet it is playing on my mind that there are many more eyes on my page, reading my words and possibly looking for something meaty or juicy to discuss during lunch on Monday. I won't lie but I got that feeling on Wednesday morning at approximately 10.25 am. Not calling people out however I would just like it known that if you talk about people in a large crowd, there is quite a high chance that said person could be 8 paces ahead with quite good hearing. That is all.

I'm quite grateful it's now the weekend, I was only in school for three days yet I feel completely drained.
I will most likely be even worse as the year progresses. Fun times to look ahead to! (Along with a possible coffee addiction) In Fifth Year I became quite dependant on coffee however I stopped drinking it over summer. I think I'll be back on coffee quite shortly though!

To try ease the pain of starting Sixth Year, I treated myself to a new pair of Converse! They're blue and utterly gorgeous! I'm nearly too scared to wear them as they're immaculate! I have a teeny bit of an obsession with Converse, I wear them in different colours depending on the outfit! I was in my local bookshop and picked up ''Eleanor and Park'' by Rainbow Rowell. I'm currently engrossed in 'A Game Of Thrones' ie the first book of GOT which is excellent so after that I'll read Eleanor and Park probably!

All my family were in my house today (Sunday) for a local event in the graveyard (everyone visits the graves of their loved ones and a Mass is said then everyone goes home) So the majority of my aunts and uncles on my Mam's side of the family came up to visit. Needless to say the house was packed for most of the afternoon! It was great seeing most of my relatives, except that none are my age, they're all either toddlers or adults! I seem to forget that I'll legally be in adult on September 26th this year

My Week In Photos!

My Sixth Year timetable *cries*

That's all from me for this week, back to the books for some study! (Did all the homework on Saturday but still have some study to do, it never ends!) 
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx

Lyrics: Gerard Way ~ No Shows 
I started listening to Gerard Way's new album (the two songs released so far) and they're so different to his music with MCR, yet I still find his new songs quite easy to listen to. What do you think? Were you a hardcore MCR fan before they split?


  1. Lovely post! I've recently read 'Eleanor & Park' and i honestly think it is amazing :)
    Good luck with your sixth year, I'm sure you will be fine!
    - F -

    1. Aw thank you! :D I'm being positive about Sixth Year, it's a lot of work but I'll keep going :D x


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