Monday, 25 August 2014

It's Like I Got This Music In My Mind Singing, "It's Gonna Be Alright."

Hey Everyone!

Hope you're well and enjoying your summer (what's left of it!) I'm starting Sixth Year on Wednesday which has left me feeling both nervous, yet excited about my final year in secondary school.

Upon my imminent return to school, I've been thinking a lot about my life, school and also possible careers to consider after my Leaving Cert. It's quite scary to think that my time in second level education is drawing to a close in this final year, as I can still recall my first day as a First Year as clear as anything.

I know that this blog post is late, I was constantly distracted with various things particularly on Sunday. I've been getting ready for going back to school and just organising my exam papers is a nightmare! I'm bringing my books to my locker tomorrow (Tuesday) so I won't be dragging them in on The First Day.

On Saturday night it was my friend Mary's birthday dinner! We all went to the chinese and had a lovely evening. As you can see below, as a group photograph was taken, a surprise photobomber emerged! I asked his permission if I could put it on my blog so here it is! Thank you Mysterious Photobomber!

Later that night I went to my cousin Claire's 40th birthday party (yes two parties in one night!) Where I chatted with my lovely Aunties and cousins (It was a girls only evening) and may have been force-fed a glass of wine but we won't talk about that. I spent most of the evening talking to my Aunty Pauline and Godmother Rebecca about books and tv shows. In general it was a brilliant night!

On Sunday, my parents, brother and I went to the shopping centre and I did some shopping (for exam papers *cries*) but I bought some things in TK Maxx which you can see below.I also got Converse socks (Have an obsession with Converse okay) and they're really comfortable. I bought a new purse for school which is an Osprey purse. Needless to say I adore it! I also bought a Parisian style box which I'm keeping all my notebooks and letters in so they're not cluttering my study desk like they have been doing all summer..

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Hello Photobomber!

Selfie! (Shock horror I'm actually wearing make up for once!)

Photo with Casey and Aisling!

'Not Impressed' by Grace

Aisling claimed I'm photogenic, thank you but the jury is still out on this one

Sweets from Claire's 40th!

That's about it from me! Keep me in your thoughts on Wednesday morning as I embark on my last year in secondary school and the start of 'the rest of my life' *shakes from fear*
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx

*********************************************************************************PS !! Grace of Dainty Sprinkles & I did two more Awkward Sprinkles videos which you'll be able to view on our channels. Links will be here when they're uploaded!

Did I mention that I did the Ice Bucket Challenge this evening? It was cold. Text 'MND' to 50300 to donate 2 euro to such a worthy cause. 

*Lyrics: Taylor Swift ~ Shake It Off


  1. Love the Paris storage box! From TK max? there are loads similar to that in there.
    I also nominated you for the Liebster award!! Go check it out :) Much love xxx

    1. Yep it's from TK Max, they had lots of different designs. Okey doke, thank you! :D xxx

  2. that is the cutest box! I had one too, but I don't know where it is now.. maybe in a box or something... :)

    Arianne |

    1. Aw thanks! It's so useful to keep all my notebooks in :)


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