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Why I Love Fashion ~ Geek Chic Notes!

Hey Everyone! 

Here is an utterly brilliant guest post by Phoebs from Geek Chic Notes! I'm still in the Gaeltacht so a HUGE HUGE thank you to Phoebs for writing this lovely post, thank you so much! :) ~ Aveen x 

Hi! I am Phoebs, blogger from Geek Chic Notes. My blog is mainly beauty and fashion, with a bit of lifestyle thrown in there too. To introduce you a bit to me and my blog, I thought I would tell you why I love fashion so much.

My love of fashion hasnt been passed through the family, my mum is not Anna Wintour's PA (my mum actually is a teaching assistant) and my dad certainly is not Marc Jacobs right hand man (my dad is a banker). I have just always loved putting my own outfits together.
Stepped outside of my comfort zone and purchased a bowler hat haha.

As a young one, I was always wanting to choose  my own outfits, much to my mums annoyance. I always had my birthday clothes planned out weeks before the day itself! Something about clothes and 'expressing yourself' to some extent always appealed to me I guess.

My love of fashion started young, but what draws me in? I think its how broad the industry is, the fashion world is very fast paced and everyone loves something about it. Also everyone needs clothes, duh.

Shopping. My I do love shopping. However I am very careful. I look up clothes online, really checking out the whole selection before going to a store and picking out the pieces I've eyed up. The only store I do a lot of impulse buying is dear primark, the things you can find in there are amazing.

My fashion inspirations would first off have to be any fashion blog I have read. I get so many ideas and tips for creating outfits, shops I need to check out and loads more. Also I love all the styles in Gossip Girl. They always look so well turned out, paticularly Blair.

To summarise, my love of fashion all gets put in one place: My blog. I love sharing my OOTDS, get ready with me and how I style something. I love looking back on my own outfits and how my style has changed. If you want to see loads more fashion posts, head over to my blog!
image.jpgFrom my how I style Skater Skirts post.

Thats all I got today, hope you enjoyed a little taster of my blog, haha. For more of me, check out my blog Geek Chic Notes or if you prefer Blog Lovin, the link is here


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