Friday, 20 June 2014

The Fault In Our Stars!

Hey Everyone!

Today is June 20th, which means FIVE more days until I'm home from the Gaeltacht, the excitement is paramount isn't it? Knowing me I'll be writing blog posts in Irish, let's hope that doesn't happen!

I'm writing today because The Fault In Our Stars is being released in cinemas in Ireland today. I'll go see it when I'm back of course, just the thoughts of it are making me fangirl and drown in feels.

I first heard of TFIOS in around October 2012 when I was watching tv and a book review of TFIOS was on. I was intrigued and interested in reading the book, despite the label of the book being ''a cancer book'' as the television presenters deemed it to be.

At the time, the book wasn't available in Ireland so I bought the book in an airport in London on the way home to Ireland. I hate flights, even 50 minutes flights. I read the book on the flight, which soothed me. I stayed up that night until 1 or 2 am and finished the book, and cried obviously.

I read TFIOS practically ten times over and over again. I'd never read a book like it. Hazel Grace was such a brilliant character who believe she was a 'grenade' and didn't want to befriend anyone in case she hurt everyone by dying.

And who could forget Augustus Waters? That pretentious and gorgeous boy who we all loved but wondered was his head stuck up his own behind. I'll say no more, but the book was and is intoxicating and beautiful. I honestly can't wait to see the film, I just know that Shailene and Ansel will be the perfect Hazel Grace and Gus.

'My thoughts are stars that I cannot fathom into constellations'  I'll leave my parting word as this quote by Gus, as I need a tissue to dry my tears. 
Stay Strong, Happy & Fearless!
Aveen xx

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