Saturday, 28 December 2013

Just Another Day In The Life Of Me..

Hey Everyone!

Here's a selection of photos I took in the days leading up to Christmas! They are kind of random, but I guess this is the random life of Aveen... I'll also be posting a ''My 2013'' blog post, which will be interesting so stay tuned! :) 

A Furby I got in a Happy Meal in a certain place *hint hint cough cough

I was taking photos for my Ag Science project on my uncle's farm, I don't think the cow was too happy I was taking photos! 

Selfie beside the silage pit, holla.

Photo beside one of the bales, don't think the cattle were too impressed.. 

My Othello essay question which I finally completed this afternoon! 

So this was a random selection of photos from this week of The Life Of Me!

Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless!
Aveen xx


  1. You know you're Irish when - SELFIES BESIDE A SILAGE PIT

    1. It's for Ag Science! But yep, so Irish. Next I'll be taking selfies whilst milking the cattle!


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