Saturday, 19 October 2013

OOTD, YouTube Collabs, Public Speaking & Taking Selfies In The Rain!

Hey Everyone!

You may have noticed I didn't post on my blog, to which I say, my most sincere and genuine apologies. Last weekend and week was just crazily busy, I didn't have enough time to blink! So I decided not to post for a week. However I'm back now, I've another week of school, then it's MIDTERM! There is a god. 

Last week I was really busy with school work and study. Last weekend I had to write a 4 page English essay about Sylvia Plath, an Irish essay about under-age drinking (yes, I had to actually write it in Irish!) I also had to write a two minute speech about how ''Hope has the audacity to reach a hand into darkness and come out with a handful of light'' along with study for tests and all sorts. So I was very busy!

I wrote the English essay on Friday evening before I went to Irish club. The result was that I kept thinking in English and not Irish which really annoyed me. I stayed up late that night doing maths homework. The next morning I woke up at 7.30 am to start writing the Irish essay, which I finished by 9 and went to badminton at 10 am till 12. I rushed home, had lunch and went to my friend Tara's house for a party for her 17 th birthday! 

We all had a great time at Tara's. It was a relaxing, enjoyable party, we all sat in the sitting room eating ''crap'' as we call it (crisps, chocolate and drinking fizzy drinks) and watched 3 movies in all. (The Lovely Bones, The Woman in Black and Taken) I had a great time so thank you Tara and again, happy belated birthday! 

Sunday was more of a sombre day. A neighbour/one of my primary school teachers passed away so my family and I paid our respects at the wake in her house. R.I.P You will be sorely missed. Afterwards, shedding some tears, I had to start writing my speech about how ''Hope has the audacity to reach a hand into darkness and come out with a handful of light'' Which was for a ''speak off' between myself and 8 other classmates for 4 places on the school public speaking team.

We had to speak for two minutes in front of the teachers who were judging and of course, our fellow peers. Along with the two minute speech, we were subsequently asked to speak for another 30 seconds, WITHOUT our notes. I got up nervously and spoke about my experiences during TY and of my own mental health issues, and how hope was/is always there. Like Emily Dickinson wrote ''Hope is the thing with feathers, that sings the tune without the words, and never stops -at all-'' and embarrassingly, I started crying. Smooth move. However I recovered within seconds and continued with extra passion. 

The next day we were told who was chosen to be on the public speaking team. To my immense shock, I was picked! Me! That socially awkward girl with the blog and YouTube. It felt like a huge breakthrough for me. I always loved the debates in English class however, I felt confident now. I could now speak out loud for the first time without fear. I hate speaking out in class or wherever as I feel so open to insults and I was never quite a fan of the limelight, preferring to stay in the shadows. 

This week wasn't as hectic as last week thankfully. I didn't get as much written homework (which I've now finished) I have a lot of study however, Irish, Ag Science, History and more, due to midterm tests. Fun. I've studied already for Irish and Business which is a good sign. Tomorrow I'll study History, Ag Science and Irish and perhaps German if I have the time. 

But today was a great day! (Saturday) I went to badminton, then rushed home in the pouring rain to have lunch. I subsequently went down town to meet up with my friends Grace and Vivien. We hung out down town for a while, taking photos for their English project and complaining about the rain. Vivien had to go home so Grace and I went to my house, drank from Starbucks mugs (minus the actual Starbucks) and ate Oreo's. We also made a really random YouTube video which I'll let you know when is posted! It was my first ever collab video for YouTube and was so funny to make! (Photos from the day are below!)

So, next week is the last school week before midterm. It only seems like yesterday I was shaking in the assembly on the first day of Fifth Year when the guidance counsellor told us we had to do at least three hours of work and study a night! (I usually end up doing 4 or so!) So I will have a week off, thankfully!
You might not know but my Mum and I are obsessed with Halloween! The house looks epic at Halloween, I often compare it to Hogwarts at Halloween! So I'm going to try fit in a special blog post dedicated to Halloween! 

Playlist for this blog post:
The entire Paramore album (their latest self-titled album) I haven't listened to the album in nearly a month, it's probably why I'm feeling really happy and calm!

LINK! This is a recent collab video I made with the lovely Grace from Dainty Sprinkles! 

My Week In Photos!
The photo my friend Grace of Dainty Sprinkles posted on Instagram !

I don't like rain..


Viv and I sheltering from the rain..

Selfies in the rain, only in Ireland. 

Grace's OOTD!

My OOTD! (The reason for my very ''optimistic'' face is the rain, it was POURING down!)
I'm wearing navy jeans from Penneys (Primark) 
Pink Converse,
 handbag ~ Roxy,
 hoody ~ Diesel, 
top ~ Roxy 

also posted a YouTube video today! I will trying to post more during the midterm, subscribe to find out when I post more! Here's the LINK 

That's about it from me this week!
Hope you're all doing well and not too tired from the stresses of school!
Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

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