Sunday, 7 July 2013

Another Week Of Summer! ASDFGHJKL

Hey Everyone!

This week was really random, busy and weird! Only way to describe it to be honest! I was in work (as usual!) most of the week, which I don't mind. I have to say it's great having some independence and getting paid every week. Just now, I ordered four John Green books, ''Paper Towns'', ''An Abundance of Katherines'', ''Will Grayson, Will Grayson'' and also ''Looking For Alaska''. I bought TFIOS in London back in March as it's IMPOSSIBLE to find any John Green books in Ireland for some reason. I read (devoured) the book on the hour long flight home, and cried. Yes, it's taken nearly 4 months to read more John Green books. What can I say? I am such a procrastinator.

But my week wasn't all about John Green books! (I'm currently watching the Wimbledon final, come on Andy Murray!) On Friday, I was at my cousin Barry's house as another cousin of mine was getting married and we were invited to the evening part of the wedding.

So I would like to apologise now, I was meant to take a few photos of my outfit for all you beauty bloggers.. but I didn't. I completely forgot as I lost my phone in my cousins house (not bragging but his house is massive) as I was on the way to the hotel and I freaked. I soon found it, but I had to run to the car so couldn't take any photos, so I'M SO SORRY EVERYONE.

Apart from that hiccup, the evening was great. Everyone looked amazing to say the least. However it was slightly awkward when a teacher from my school was also at the wedding. She never taught me or anything, but still, it was weird. However it was to be expected because my cousin Joey and his now wife Natalie are both teachers! A match made in education, haha.

I got home at 2am and very stupidly went to badminton at 10am. I could barely hit the shuttlecock but I was forgiven as they didn't expect me to turn up! :) Overall it was good, seeing as it was the first badminton session in over 2 weeks.

Afterwards myself, Vivien, Evan, Brian and my brother Noel, went for a drive in Brian's new car and drove all over the local area, myself and Vivi chatting about how to tell the difference between Jack and Finn Harries! We drove back into town and saw a huge old style bus painted red and a local radio station there too, right on the Main Street. (Yes, the main street of the town is called the Main Street, clearly we're a creative town)
The front garden at my cousin's house, I forgot to take a photo of the pond at the front!

Barry's piano, I giggled because I thought of the saying ''So kawaii''

Another photo taken from the front window..

Viv and I saw this in the local supermarket, people are that desperate to find their name on a bottle!

The bus we got on, SO HOT UP THERE. 

The bus from afar, they even gave us balloon swords, little sweets and tried to use facepaint on our faces! (We were 13,16 and 19-20 by the way)

An Oreo cupcake I bought in a local Café, mmm Oreo's...
(Awkwardly saw a lorry driver from the business I work for in there too, awkward)

Ps, congratulations to AmazingPhil (Phil Lester) on YouTube for reaching 1 million subscribers, so proud to say I'm a Phillion! Oh and did anyone else see Danisnotonfire's (Dan Howell) new hairstyle? Thoughts?

So that's it for this week, Stay Strong, Happy and Fearless,
Aveen xx

Playlist for this blog: 
Okay, okay, I FINALLY got Spotify this week, this is from my ''Everything'' Playlist!
The 1975 ~ Chocolate
Ho Hey ~ The Lumineers
Mumford & Sons ~ I Will Wait
Train ~  50 Ways to Say Goodbye
Fall Out Boy ~ My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
Fall Out Boy ~ The Phoenix

Ps, I did have a funny little vlog I made at my cousins house but it wouldn't upload, sorry!

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  1. Hahh we're a very creative town 'Main Street'. They even called the top of the town 'North Parade' ever so creative hah xx


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