Thursday, 11 April 2013

More majestical adventures!

And now another blog in the series of My Life!

I love how excited I sound in that sentence. Not much has occurred this week. I went back to school after two weeks of Easter Holidays. To my surprise, I was actually delighted to see everyone! I was so hyper on Monday. At lunchtime I also got my Bruno Mars CD from Michael Dwyer for winning a competition on the local radio station, (thank you!) so I've spent the last couple of nights listening to the album. 

Nothing much happened for the rest of the week. On Tuesday I went to DTP (Desk Top Publishing) for the first time because of all the Project Smilier stuff I've been doing. It was fine though because the teacher is also my ECDL teacher. I made a calendar and put quotes, Converse, Vans and Danisnotonfire on it. It was beautiful!

On Wednesday we had a workshop to ''prepare us'' for Fifth Year. The only thing I can recall is how someone asked the question of how do you put the fig into the fig rolls. No, I'm joking, it was alright, we were taught different study methods, learning methods and also a new way of thinking. I've learnt a lot of that in Transition Year, I think so much differently than I thought last year. 

Today (Thursday) it was a pretty boring day. I had ECDL, then History. My teacher signed our credit sheets and she gave me 20/20 and a glowing report so I was thrilled. I was gone from the first class of German as I was helping another YSI group with their paired reading programme. Sarah and I came back to German and handed the teacher our credit sheets. My German teacher doesn't really like me, but he still gave me 17/20, one of the highest marks in the class, wooo!!!

Afterwards I had double PD, we watched a movie, ''Saving Private Ryan'' it has Tom Hanks as the lead and was filmed close to where I live. Tom Hanks even stayed in a hotel in town! So we were watching the movie and I got a text from my Mam and it said ''You have received a big envelope from Communication Unit, Houses of the Oireachtas'' For those not from Ireland, it's basically Parliament or the Senate!

I, being me, started squealing and texted back ''OH MY GOSH OPEN THAT AS QUICK AS YOU CAN ASDFGHJKL'' Turns out over 250 entries for the Seanad Eireann competition were received but I didn't make the top 45. They stil gave me a certificate so I was delighted. It's something to hang on my wall and bring to my end of TY interview!

So that's about it really! The YSI results are out tomorrow apparently so we're hoping Project Smilier gets through! I'm also visiting UCD and Trinity College on Wednesday so no classes that day! Happy Days for me!

My certificate from the Seanad! (Senate or Parliament for non-Irish readers!) With my name blacked out for obvious reasons! :)

Until next time, 
Stay Strong and Fearless,
Aveen x


  1. I didn't know you had a blog !!! Excuse me reading through all your archive its really cool :D xx

    1. Read away Grace! I haven't dared post it on Facebook! Only on Twitter and maybe Tumblr! :) xx


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